Shadowfist Deck: Manzo by Steve Valladolid

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[posted 6 Jan 2004]

Originally posted to the Shadowfist Forum on Yahoogroups on 20 Dec 2003 by Steve Valladolid. Republished with permission. If you're a member of the group, you can read the original in the archive.

Jan Malina won the GenCon SoCal 2003 Final Brawl multiplayer tournament using this deck designed by Steve Valladolid.


Here is my Peasant Leader deck that Jan borrowed to win the Final Brawl Tournament at GenCon SoCal.

(65 cards)

   5 Golden Candle Society
   3 Buddhust Monk
   1 Wandering Monk
   4 Sinister Priest
Utility/Mid Range
   5 Peasant Leader
   3 Blue Monk
   2 Fist of Shadow
   1 Iron Monkey
   1 Leung Mui
   1 Hung Hei Kwon
   4 Inauspicious Return
   2 Storm of the Just
   3 Iron and Silk
   2 Confucian Stability
   1 Secrets of Shaolin
   2 Robust Feng Shui
   1 Rigorous Discipline
   3 Violet Meditation
   2 Shield of Pure Soul
   2 Hands Without Shadow
Feng Shui Sites
   4 Turtle Island
   2 Night Club
   1 Eagle Mountain
   1 Stone Dolmens
   1 Turtle Beach
   1 Sacred Heart Hospital
   1 Temple of Angry Spirits
   1 Fox Pass
   1 Desolate Ridge
   1 Whirlpool of Blood
   1 Temple of the Shaolin Dragon
Non Feng Shui Sites
   1 Green Senshi Chamber
   1 Yellow Senshi Chamber

I would probably switch out the Stone Dolmens for a 2nd Sacred Heart Hospital.

[writeup by Steve Valladolid]

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