Shadowfist Deck: Monkey See by Benjamin Barnett

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[posted 1 Jun 2003]

Originally posted to on 13 Jul 2001 by Benjamin Barnett. Republished with permission. Read the original with a newsreader or Google if you prefer.

Benjamin Barnett won "Best Win Percentage" at the Origins 2001 Both Guns Blazing (speed dueling) championship using this deck.

I posted monkey see in the deck builder area over at anybody who's interested please feel free to go over and take a look for analysis and stuff. if you just want to see the cards, though, here it is:

Origins 2001 Tournament winner (Both Guns Blazing, Best Win Percentage)

  2 Arcanotechnician (event recycling mostly, plus each other)
  1 Plasma Trooper (1 boostable foundation)
  4 Spawn of the New Flesh (recyclable hitter)
  4 Test Subjects (recyclable support)
  2 Vivisector v2 (recyclable recyclers)
  1 Reinvigoration Process
  3 Arcanoseed (combo's nicely with forty story inferno)

  1 Satellite Intelligence

  1 Edge Warrior
  1 Junkyard Crawler (good synergy with monkey boy)
  5 Just Another Consumer
  4 Monkey Boy
  2 Nuked (great with lounge)
  2 Scrounging
  1 Too Much Monkey Business (iffy, might get cut)
  2 Who's the Monkey Now?
  1 Payback Time
  1 Genocide Lounge

  1 Desolate Ridge
  1 Night Market
  3 Ominous Swamp (great in this deck)
  2 Ring of Gates
  3 Waterfall Sanctuary (mentor defense, great with satellite int)

  5 Bandit Hideout (best battleground site ever)
  1 Forty-Story Inferno
  5 Killing Ground (key -- deck won't work w/o multiple BG sites played per turn)

Total Cards: 59

This deck throws Monkey Boy into the old battlegrounds/Spawn deck, with devastating results. in tournament play at Origins, the most common table state at endgame was me with 10-12 columns (mostly BGs and ominous swamps), seized and utility sites in back of the BGs, a fighting 10-12 ambushing spawn I could recycle 1 or 2 times per turn, backed up by 4-5 utility characters and boboes -- and nothing on my opponent's side, at all. it's not uncommon for this deck to generate 8 power, pull 8 cards, and play a FSS plus 3-4 battlegrounds PER TURN.

this deck prefers to go 2nd. ideal opening: JAC, killing ground, bandit hideout x2, attack with JAC, bandit for 1, play JAC, bandit for 1, scrounging held in reserve for start of next turn. if I went first, I usually just played a FSS and waited a turn to bust out. discard like crazy to get as close as possible to a hand with 2 1-cost foundation (at least 1 JAC), 1 killing ground, 2 hideouts, and a scrounging

remember that monkey boy does his trick when an opponent zeroes your BG sites also; that can cut both ways for sure. be very careful about playing a 3rd monkey boy, as decking is a real danger if your opponent can bust out with just one or 2 big guns and seize some of your battlegrounds.

against killing rain decks, it's absolutely key that you keep a Who's the Monkey Now? in hand at all times, with the power to use it. play your arcanotechs very verrrry carefully, because they're the only thing that's going to keep the WTMN? flowing reliably enough to counter all the rain and/or laser strikes.

satellite intelligence is there to ensure your opponent attacks genocide lounge or an ominous swamp, or waterfall sanct if he's packing mentors/guns. BTW, genocide lounge is great for your events -- nuked! and WTMN? are lots, lots better as 0-cost stoppers. if you've got Payback Time in play, an opponent can't even shut down the Lounge first before making a move on a FSS -- you'll still get the 1 power for your event, and they'll squander 5 fighting for no gain.

trust me, this deck brings the pain. if I weren't such a mediocre player -- I made some pretty bonehead plays when it counted -- I might've walked away with a lot more than one first place at the end of the weekend.

NOTE: genocide lounge and nuked! are new. post-convention I pulled a gorilla fighter (never played him) and expendable unit to make room for the extra denial. but as you might expect, I haven't tested 'em yet.

lastly, if you play it, say it! I'd love to hear from anyone playing this deck or something like it -- email me with anecdotes, retunes, play-by-plays of brilliant victories or crushing defeats, or if you need help getting this deck humming for your play style. have fun!


[writeup by Benjamin Barnett]

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