Shadowfist Deck: Monkeys In Black by Joshua Kronengold

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[posted 30 Sep 2010; updated 1 Mar 2012]

Published in Inner Kingdom Update Vol.1, Issue 3 (2010) and Vol.1, Issue 9 (2011). Reposted with permission of Inner Kingdom Games.

Joshua Kronengold won the GenCon 2010 and GenCon 2011 Ritual of the Unnameable tournaments (all card titles must start with 1 of 3 letters) with this deck.


Monkeys In Black (letters M, I, B)
by Joshua Kronengold (53 cards)
4 Marmojet
5 Big Macaque Attack
2 Brass Monkey
1 Black Ohpir
2 Ba-Boom
2 Monkey Pirates
2 Battlechimp Potempkin (new)
1 Major Hottie

1 Invisi-Ray
2 Black Market Connections
2 Bomb Factory
5 Isothermal Zodiac
2 Blow Things Up
2 Mo' Monkeys, Mo'Problems
4 Information Warfare
5 IKTV Special Report
1 MegaTank

4 Booby-Trapped Tomb
2 Maze of Stairs
1 Bamboo Forest
1 Mobius Garden
1 Blessed Orchard [2011 version replaces Blessed Orchard with Mirrored Lake]
1 Birdhouse Cafe

The key to the deck is the Battlechimp. The deck is chock full of cheap (or power-gaining) Tech and Jammer events that can be used on opponent’s turns - some just make power (Isothermal Zodiac and IKTV Special Report), while others can stop a win attempt and (particularly Information Warfare, which can cause attacks to hurt the attacker a *lot* more than they hurt you) act as "spiders"when they’re in your smoked pile with a Battlematic in play, preventing far more damage to your position that they would in your hand. This allows you to establish a dominating position with ever-stronger Big Macaque Attacks (and hopefully Monkey Pirares, which you're able to power due to the power from the events and the Black Market Connections) or Black Ophir (put BO in the Battlematic and he’s incredibly hard to intercept) and often turn it into a win. The deck doesn't have a lot of event control, but zap is rarer in Ritual and usually comes with a big cost. So the deck's most annoying foes are those playing cards starting with "A."The best way to deal with these is to seize a site or at worst, switch to using the Isothermals diplomatically rather than tactically. MIB probably *should* be packing Back in Black, I haven't really adjusted it for the last two sets.

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