Shadowfist Deck: My Award Winning Deck by Andrew Sackett

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[posted 1 Jan 2007]

Originally appeared in Kii-Yaaah! issue #2, which is no longer available on-line.

Andrew Sackett won the dueling championship at GenCon 2001 using this deck. He also took "most games won" in the Both Guns Blazing speed dueling tournament.


When I arrived at the hotel in Columbus, Ohio I still didn't know what deck I would play in the Shadowfist pre-constructed tournaments. The night before Who's the Big Man Now, I went to my room and threw together the deck I would play in all the pre-constructed events out of cards I had on me. My award-winning deck, as I like to call it now, is made up of:

My Award Winning Deck
by Andrew Sacket (38 cards)

   4 Friends of the Dragon
   3 Hacker

   1 Dr. John Haynes
   1 Wu Ming Yi
   1 Ting Ting    (This was Real Ting Ting, not the fake Year of the Dragon Ting Ting. I believe this to be an important fact.)

   1 The Prof's Gambit
   1 Kiii-YAAAH!
   3 Dirk Wisely's Gambit
   2 Golden Comeback
   4 Final Brawl
   3 Booby Trap
   3 Carnival of Carnage

   1 House on the Hill

   3 Jagged Cliffs
   3 Temple of the Angry Spirits
   2 Whirlpool of Blood
   2 Kinoshita House (of pancakes)

In Who’s the Big Man Now my deck only lost once, to Steven Wampler. Mr. Wampler and I came to Origins with the same group of people; Team Ithaca as I like to call us because we all came from Ithaca, NY. Steve was playing a Hand-Dragon deck. Steve and I were kicking butt all through the tournament; before the final Steve had zero losses and I had one. When Zev checked the record after the last qualifying round he told me that I had driven 500 miles to play my friend in the final.

The final wasn’t very exciting because I bombed Steve back to the stone age before he was able to make anything resembling a bid for victory. If you ask Steve why I won he will tell you, "It is because Andrew got Dr. John Haynes out at just the right time". Apparently Steve would have Iron and Silked his only defender, stopping any character, that is any character who couldn’t Stealth by.

If you ask me what won the game I would say, it was Real Ting Ting. I believe that once you get Netherworld Ting Ting into play your opponents might as well concede. This is not the case with the fake, cartoon, Year of the Dragon Ting Ting. However, in Steve’s defense Real Ting Ting did come out after Dr. John Haynes and the good Doctor did Stealth by Steve’s only guy to take a Feng Shui Site. In my defense, though, I didn’t win until after Real Ting Ting came into play.

Though I won with the Real Ting Ting and Dr. John Haynes in play I almost lost. I was a card or two away from decking and I had enough cards in my hand to choose between decking and not. I thought I was going to win that turn and I also thought it would be funny to deck and win the game in the same turn. Luckily I decided against decking because I didn’t win that turn. On the next turn I washed over Steve’s guys with the blinding purity of Real Ting Ting and the assistance of Dr. John Haynes to take a Feng Shui Site and win. If you go to the Shadowfist Web Site you can see me tearfully accept the Who’s the Big Man Now trophy.

I also played this deck in Both Guns Blazing, taking the prize for the most wins. Mr. Wampler took most number of games played. Someone not from team Ithaca [Benjamin Barnett - ed.] took the prize for best ratio of wins to losses but Steve and I were the only members of Team Ithaca in this tournament, so it wouldn’t have been nice of us to win all three prizes.

The person who got the best wins to losses ratio only lost once and that was to me; though he did beat me the first time we played. I would have lost our second game if he had had another turn. I took one of his sites with a damaged Ting Ting and 2 bobos and then I was one site away from winning. I knew that he would be able to do something nasty to me if I let him have another turn because he was going to generate a lot of power and he had cheap guys with large fighting (He was playing a Grey-Silver deck with Spawns of the New Flesh). I had at least 3 power in my pool and a Final Brawl, Carnival of Carnage and Golden Comeback in my hand.

I realized that because Ting Ting was damaged I could play Final Brawl and Carnival of Carnage to kill Ting Ting and then she could have a Golden Comeback and take another Feng Shui Site. I did this and it caused me to win.

[writeup by Andrew Sackett]

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