Shadowfist Deck: Orange and Yellow Surprise by Dave Martin

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[posted 13 Sep 2003]

Originally posted to the Shadowfist-uk group on Yahoogroups on 8 Oct 2001 by Andrew Davidson. Republished with permission. You can read the original in the public Shadowfist-uk group in their archive.

Dave Martin made it to the finals of the GenCon UK 2001 Final Brawl multiplayer championship using this deck. The next year, he went all the way to win with a slightly different mix.

By Dave Martin

Dave has been playing this deck for some time. Its heart is the combination of Shadowy Mentor and Shaolin Surprise. Three new cards from Shaolin Surprise made it into the deck: Year of the Snake, Yen Fan, Heaven's Peak and Temple of the Monkey King. I don't what people see in Heaven's Peak but the other cards are very solid. Yen Fan played a big part in the final but was, as you might expect, working for the other side - Steve Bailey.

   5 The Pledged
   5 Operation Killdeer
   1 Realpolitik
   1 Suicide Mission
   1 Year of the Snake
   5 Shadowy Mentor
   3 Family Estate

   5 Golden Candle Society
   2 Xiaoyang Yun
   1 Shan Tsu
   2 Sun Chen
   1 Yen Fan
   2 The Iron Monkey
   2 Into the Light
   3 Iron and Silk
   5 Confucian Stability
   5 Shaolin Surprise
   2 Wind on the Mountain
   2 Orange Senshi Chamber
   2 Shaolin Sanctuary
   1 Temple of Boundless Meditation
   1 Violet Senshi Chamber
   2 Yellow Senshi Chamber

   1 Fox Pass
   1 Heaven's Peak
   1 Kinoshita House
   2 Petroglyphs
   3 Puzzle Garden
   1 Temple of the Monkey King
   5 Whirlpool of Blood

= 73 cards

[posted by Andrew Davidson]

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