Shadowfist Deck: Overwhelming Force by Joey Ferreira

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[posted 12 June 2010]

Posted with permission. Thanks Joey!

Joey Ferreira won the Massuchusetts State Championship at Total Confusion 24 (2010) [] with this deck.


Overwhelming Force
by Joey Ferreira (59 cards)
5x Combat Engineers
5x DNA Mage
5x Arcanomoth
1x Plasma Trooper

5x Tank Commander
2x BoneChill
1x Agent Tanaka
2x Commandant Barkhorn
1x General Gog
2x Arcanotank
5x Panzer X
2x Aerial Bombardment
2x Expendable Unit
4x Imprisoned
1x Overzealous Assassins
2x Rise of the NeoBuro

1x The Hegemeister
3x IKTV Special Report
2x Tank Warfare
2x Chop Shop

1x Ancient Stone Arch
1x Blue Moon Club
2x City Park
1x Disco
1x Gambling House
1x Great Wall
2x Hydroponic Garden
2x Mobius Garden
2x Petroglyphs

[writeup by Joey Ferreira]

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