Shadowfist Deck: Unnamed Masters/Dragons Deck by Bill Palecek

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[posted 31 Aug 2004]

Bill Palecek made it to the finals at the GenCon 2004 Final Brawl world championship multiplayer tournament. In the final qualifying round, he took three sites in one turn for the win, earning his place in the final.

Unnamed Masters/Dragons Deck
by Bill Palecek (80 Cards)

   5x Friends of the Dragon
   4x Hacker
   5x Wah-Shan Clan Warriors

   3x Karate Cop
   2x Ting Ting
   1x Golden Gunman
   1x Steven Wu
   1x Li Mao
   1x Ghost Wind
   2x Red Bat
   1x Gold Lion (MVP)
   1x Ho Chen
   1x Sky Dragon
   1x White Ninja (New School)
   1x Queen of the Ice Pagoda (Old School)

   4x Final Brawl
   5x Golden Comeback
   3x Kiii-YAAAH!
   2x Dirk Wisely's Gambit
   1x The Prof's Gambit
   1x "I Will Avenge You!"
   3x Kunlun Clan Assault
   4x Monkey Fools the Tiger
   2x Blade Palm
   3x Discerning Fire
   1x Secret Pact

   3x Fortune of the Turtle

   2x Dragon Dojo

   3x Festival Circle
   3x Whirlpool of Blood
   2x Stone Dolmens
   1x Temple of the Angry Spirits
   1x Fox Pass
   1x Disco
   1x Gambling House
   1x City Square
   1x Nine Dragon Temple
   1x Kinoshita House
   1x Sacred Heart Hospital

Strategy is to get out a hitter (preferably Red Bat, as the deck burns through events quickly, but all of the hitters are awesome), protect it with a variety of Fortune of the Turtle/Festival Circles/Stone Dolmens, and if it dies, bring it back with Golden Comeback. A lot. Karate Cops are included for early/mid game burns for power so one can actually get out the Masters. The deck fields a lot of denial events; don't be afraid to use them. "I Will Avenge You" is awesome—it lets you search for whichever Master/Dragon is most effective at this time.

[writeup by Bill Palecek]

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