Shadowfist Deck: The Politician by Jim Sensenbrenner

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[posted 22 Jan 2010]

Posted with permission. Thanks Jim! Read the original on Jim's blog.

Jim Sensenbrenner took 2nd place in the GenCon 2009 Who's The Big Man Now? (dueling, constructed) tournament with this deck.


The Politician
by Jim Sensenbrenner (69 cards)

Foundation (15):
Test Subjects x5
DNA Mage x5
Arcanomoth x5

Characters (9):
Rocket Team x 3
Geoffrey Smythe
Napalm Belcher x5

Events (23):
Dangerous Experiment x2
Orbital Laser Strike x5
Imprison x5
Nerve Gas x3
Aerial Bombardment x3
Artillery Strike x2
War of Attrition x3

States (1):

Edges (7):
Rise of the NeoBuro x3
Reinvigoration Process x2
Smart Missile x2

FSS (14):
Creche of the New Flesh x2
Desolate Ridge
Dragon Graveyard x3
Mah-Jongg Parlor
Monkey House
Moon Base x3
Sunless Sea Ruins x2
The Steam Laundry Company

This is a straight forward Architect control deck. Try to keep your opponent at one or two sites. Use removal to take out any characters. If you can spend 1 power to take out each character that costs 3+ power, you will have an on-going power advantage. The Napalm Belchers try to keep weenie decks at bay. Never attack an unrevealed site. Use the non-combat damage of your characters to reveal the sites and soften them up. The deck could really use more Dangerous Experiments. I would also swap out the Sunless Sea Ruins for Temples of the Monkey King before playing this again.

[writeup by Jim Sensenbrenner]

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