Shadowfist Deck: Poo Fighters by Earl Miles

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[posted 17 Sep 2006]

Published with permission. Thanks Earl!

Earl Miles made it to the finals of the GenCon 2006 Comrades in Arms (multiplayer, theme) tournament with this deck.


Poo Fighters
by Earl Miles (67 cards)

   3x Little Grasshopper
   5x Golden Candle Society
   5x Marmojet

   5x Big Macaque Attack
   3x Shaolin Monkey
   1x Funky Monkey
   2x The Iron Monkey
   5x Gorilla Fighter

   2x Who's the Monkey Now
   3x Confucian Stability
   2x Single Action Devolver
   1x Bomb Factory
   4x Rigorous Discipline

   2x Violet Meditation
   2x Scrounging
   3x Stand Together
   2x Payback Time
   2x Shield of Pure Soul
   2x Mo' Monkeys, Mo' Problems

   2x Stone Spirals
   2x Dragon Graveyard
   3x Diamond Beach
   2x Gambling House
   2x Identity Chopshop
   2x Whirlpool of Blood

I think I added 2 cards without taking something else out, but the balance remained pretty good because it has a lot of resource characters thanks to the Big Macaque Attacks being resource characters but actually counting in my hitters category (which is slightly overloaded).

I'm not real happy with my site layout but I haven't taken the time to come up with the Right 13 sites for it -- only the ID Chopshops are really required for the deck, the rest is largely metagame dependent. Sometimes the deck needs more power, and it's by no means a fast deck, so in games where someone comes out to a big lead fast it's not able to do much.

[writeup by Earl Miles]

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