Shadowfist Deck: Reascended, with Hackers, by Kel McKay

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Home Decks Decks: Reascended, with Hackers (Smackdown in Jacktown 2005 multiplayer tournament winner)
[posted 6 Jan 2006]

Writeup by Kel McKay via Braz King. Published with permission.

Kel McKay won the multiplayer tournament at the Smackdown in Jacktown 2005 with this deck.


Reascended, with Hackers
by Kel McKay (81 cards)

I owe Braz big time, and in small part Rob Cruise, for the inspiration for this deck. The question with the Re-Ascended usually is: How do I get Tech into my resource pool, since Asc foundations don't come with Tech? I had tried at least two methods: Secret Labs and Test Subjects. I remember Rob Cruise being confused as to why I used Test Subjects when I could use one of his favourite cards, the Hacker. I chalked it up to Rob being sorta Dragon-biased, which, in all fairness, he is. ;) Anyway, just before the Smackdown in Nov '05, Braz suggested to me he had considered making a Re-Asc deck using Hackers because any deck that depends so heavily on its hitters can benefit greatly from Golden Comeback. I agreed and got his permission to steal his idea. Obviously, it was a good move, since I won the Smackdown with the following deck.

Design Notes:
Not only did I use Braz's idea about Golden Comeback, but I also took advantage of having Dra resources to add Dirk's Gambit (another Rob Cruise staple) to my altpowergen and Final Brawl as a great way to damage almost everybody right before Ursus hits the board. I'm not fond of Jormungandr or Kauhuhu, so they're just here for a complete roster, whereas Serket gets one extra copy as I consider her the best of all the Re-Asc. Cry of the Forgotten Ancestor is crucial to protect your Hitters from a variety of magic zap, but most of all, Discerning Fire, given all hitters in the deck share a designator. Plus, the Cry has given me the much-needed ability to smoke big Magic hitters, like one of the Four Monarchs, at more than one occasion. Petroglyphs are in this deck to protect the hitters from being used as Brain Fire re-targets. Between Dunwa and Pulling Strings, you should always be able to get the Re-Asc you need in your hand. Pulling Strings is also handy if you desperately need that second Tech resource, perhaps supplied by a copy of Dunwa.

4 Puzzle Garden
4 Petroglyphs
2 Fox Pass
2 Hall of Portals
2 Waterfall Sanctuary
2 Whirlpool of Blood

1 Family Estate
4 Pledged
2 Student of the Bear
2 Gangsters
2 Secret Lab
5 Hackers

2 Dunwa Saleem

2 Arachne
3 Serket
1 Jormungandr
1 Kauhuhu
2 Ursus
2 Athena
2 John Fenris

2 Political Corruption
2 Mole Network
3 IKTV Special Report
2 Bite of the Jellyfish
2 Dirk Wisely's Gambit

3 Operation Killdeer
3 Cry of the Forgotten Ancestor
2 Pulling Strings
3 Realpolitik
2 Orbital Laser Strike
5 Golden Comeback
5 Final Brawl

[writeup by Kel McKay]

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