Shadowfist Deck: Return of the Hoods by Michael Stadermann

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[posted 20 Jul 2006]

Published with permission. Thanks Michael!

Michael Stadermann won the Kublacon 2006 dueling tournament with this deck.


Return of the Hoods
by Michael Stadermann (64 cards)

5 Shamanistic Punks
5 Thugs
2 Big Brother Tsien

1 Evil Twin
5 Vassals of Chin
1 Red Scorpion Killers
1 Luis Camacho
2 Big Daddy Vodoo
2 The Big Boss
2 Tommy Hsu

1 Flying Sleeves
1 Discerning Fire
1 Verminous Rain
2 Tortured Memories
2 Chin's Criminal Network
2 Glimpse of the Abyss
3 Die!!!
3 Pocket Demon
5 Inauspicious Return

2 The Hungry
1 Spies Everywhere

2 The Dragon Throne
1 Death Ring
1 The White Leopard Club

2 Festival Circle
1 Temple of the Celestial Mercy
1 Disco
1 Sacred Heart Hospital
2 City Park
1 Petroglyphs
1 Nine Dragon Temple
1 Floating Restaurant
1 Temple of the Angry Spirits
1 Fox Pass
1 Nightclub

Lotus Hood decks have been competitive for a good while. This particular deck existed with minor variations since BCL, and it plays well in dueling and multi. It needs to gain critical mass, i.e. 3-4 weenies and a Vassal, which it does either with the Dragon Throne or the Glimpses, and then keeps the weenies in play with Return. The weenies also have great synergy with Die!!!, of course. Most of the cards work well together, making it a very strong deck that opponents do well to keep down before it takes off.

[writeup by Michael Stadermann]

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