Shadowfist Deck: Rise of the NeoBuro by Marek Laskowski

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[posted 21 Aug 2007; updated 15 Apr 2010]

Posted with permission. Thanks Marek!

Marek Laskowski crushed his enemies and heard the lamentations of their women in the on-line Gatling Who's the Big Man Now tournament in April 2007.


Rise of the NeoBuro
by Marek Laskowski (70 cards)
Utility Characters:
2 Arcanotechnician
3 Arcanowave Researcher 
4 Bouncing Benji
2 Johann Bonengel PAP
2 Elsa Winterhagen
2 Dr. Curtis Boatman PAP

2 Paradox Cube
3 Probability Manipulator
5 Rise of the NeoBuro
2 The Rackets

4 Artillery Strike
3 Dangerous Experiment
2 Imprisoned (yes, only two)
2 Neutron Bomb 
4 Pocket Demon

5 BuroMil Grunt
5 DNA Mage
4 Test Subjects

Feng Shui Site:
5 Dragon Graveyard
5 Nine Dragon Temple
2 Thousand Sword Mountain
2 Stone Dolmens

Comments: Who's the Big Man Now!? online proving ground winner. Currently undefeated.

You'll note the deck is 70 cards. This was necessary since your deck is a resource you spend to deal damage via Artillery Strike. This deck functions quite well with 0-1 sites in play which allows you to control the game tempo, again via Artillery Strike, and leaving little for an opponent to take for quick victory. The deck can often move at a glacial pace, as it was made in response to Braz King's comment that duelling " doesn't allow for elaborate, baroque, slowly-unfolding, James Joyce-like decks". With that said, in the right conditions it can move into an assault mode either using cheap Benji recycling or Elsa. Basically, boils down to a lockdown/control deck that's at the same time not a one-trick-pony, and nuanced enough to make it interesting to play. See if you can figure out the secret kung-fu for yourself!

On April 13, 2010, Marek added: This deck lost soundly in the 2008 Canadian championships. In retrospect, it only did so well in the Gatling tournament because there were no time limits. It turned out to be too slow for a standard timed tournament.

[writeup by Marek Laskowski]

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