Shadowfist Deck: Same As The Old Boss by Jim Sensenbrenner

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[posted 21 Jan 2010; updated 22 Jan 2010]

Posted with permission. Thanks Jim! Read the original on Jim's blog.

Jim Sensenbrenner won the GenCon 2009 New Heroes (multiplayer, constructed, only Shadowfist Games cards allowed) tournament with this deck


Same As The Old Boss
by Jim Sensenbrenner (63 cards)

Foundation: (14)
Black Helicopter Squad x5
Coyote Clan Scavangers x5
Symphonic Disciples x4

Ramp / Utility: (4)
Corrupt Land Agent
Hit Squad
Reassension Spy

Hitters: (9)
Probability Soldiers x 3
The Insidious Dr. Fermat
Frenzy of the Shark x3
Texas Jack Cody x2

Power Generation: (7)
Moonlight Raid x4
Bull Market x2

Other Events: (4)
Lateral Reincarnation x2
Echo Distortion
Nothing Happens

States: (10)
Shurikens x2
Improvised Weapons x2
Feral Regression
Soul of the Wolf x2
Shadowy Mentor x2
Whispers in the Dark

Edges: (2)
Gunboat Diplomacy x2

FSS: (13)
Arctic Fortress
Forgotten Temple
Hydroponic Garden
LaGrange Four
Mah-Jongg Parlor x 2
Moon Base x3
Rainforest Ruins
The Iron Palace
University Library x2

In the New Heroes format, Ascended has the best additional power generation with Bull Market, Corrupt Land Agent, Gunslinger, and Moonlight Raid. I thought this would be the best route to victory - generate a lot of power, play hitters fast, and use stealth to get through to the target. I tried to combo Probability Soldiers with the Moonlight Raid to get multiple power per turn. So for I've maxed out at 3 in one turn.

[writeup by Jim Sensenbrenner]

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