Shadowfist Deck: Secretiki by Benjamin Barnett

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[posted 20 Mar 2007]

Posted with permission. Thanks Benjamin!!

Benjamin Barnett made it to the finals of the Comrades in Arms (at least 23 cards with the same designator) tournament at GenCon 2006 using this deck. This is a variant of his Tiki God deck that made it to the finals of the World Championships.


by Benjamin Barnett (80 cards)
Foundations - 26
   5x Gangsters (early site protection)
   5x Jade Wheel Society [SECRET]
   1x Rat Clan Spies
   5x Order of the Wheel [SECRET]
   5x Golden Candle Society [SECRET]
   5x Celestials [SECRET]
   1x Arcane Scientist
   1x CDCA Scientist
   1x Gonzo Journalist
   1x Kunlun Clan Assault
   1x Man With No Name
   1x Queen of the Ice Pagoda
   1x Resistance Squad

Utility / Hitters - 11
   1x Cassandra
   3x Elderly Monk
   1x Jia Baoyu
   2x Leaping Tiger Troupe
   2x The Iron Monkey
   2x Xioyang Yun

Events - 27
   3x Blade Palm
   4x Bull Market
   2x Confucian Stability
   4x Into the Light
   1x Invincible Chi
   2x Laughter of the Wind
   1x Mole Network
   4x Operation Killdeer
   3x Secrets of Shaolin [SECRET]
   3x Wind on the Mountain

Edges - 3
   1x Chinese Connection
   2x The Enemy of My Enemy

Non-Feng Shui Sites - 2
   1x The Bazaar 
   1x The Forest of Fallen Banners

Feng Shui Sites - 12
   4x Coral Reef
   1x Festival Circle
   1x Gambling House
   1x Heaven's Peak
   1x Petroglyphs
   1x Stone Dolmens
   2x Temple of Celestial Mercy
   1x Whirlpool of Blood

[writeup by Benjamin Barnett]

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