Shadowfist Deck: Canadian Championships 2009 winner by Charles Soong

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[posted 29 Mar 2009; updated 2 Apr 2009]

Published with permission.

Charles Soong won the 2009 Canadian Championships Final Brawl tournament using this deck.


Canadian Championships 2009 Winner
by Charles Soong (73 cards)

The Bazaar
Temple of Celestial Mercy
Mobius Garden
Temple of the Angry Spirits
LaGrange Four
Stone Dolmens
The Iron Palace x2
Mah Jong Parlor
Secret Heart Hospital
Identity Chop Shop
Festival Circle
Moon Base

Kunlun Clan Assault x3
Red Bat
Gold Lion

Pocket Demon x2
Living Legend
Sword of the Master
Amulet of the Turtle x2
Golden Spike

Darkness Priestess x5
Darkness Bats x4
Fire Acolyte x5
Flambards x4
Burning Man x3
Harbinger x2
The Baron
Silver Jet
Thunder Bird
King of the Fire Pagoda

Avenging Thunder x2
Ice Blessing x2
Blood Lust x2
Mark of Fire
Queen's Wrath
Brain Fire x2
Lighting Strike
Chain Lighting
Fire Sled
Snow Blind
The Legacy
Shard of the Molten Heart
Ice Sword
Ring of Ice

[writeup by Troy Duffy]

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