Shadowfist Deck: Multiplayer Deck by Charles Soong

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[posted 27 Apr 2005]

Charles Soong won the first official Canadian National Championships at Pandemonium 2005. Originally posted to the Shadowfist Forum on Yahoogroups on 18 Apr 2005 by Braz King. Members can read the original in the archive. Reposted with permission.

Unnamed Multiplayer Deck (70 cards)

5x Darkness Priestess
5x Fire Acolytes

3x Fire Mystics
1x Akani Hideo

1x The Baron
1x Khalid Al-Haddad
1x Silver Jet
4x One of each of the 4 Monarchs

Sites (14)
1x Fox Pass
1x Disco
1x Gambling House
1x Temple of the Angry Spirits
1x Tangram Alley
2x Stone Dolmens
1x Mobius Gardens
2x Tomb of Itzy

1x Ice Pagoda
1x Drug Lab
1x Blood Fields
1x The Bazaar

Edge (7)
1x The Book of Wrath
1x The Legacy
1x Feeding the Fires
2x Obsidian Eye
2x Spirit Pole

States (10)
5x Amulet of the Turtle
2x Ice Sword
2x Sword of the Master
1x Sword of the Dragon King

Events (18)
5x Brain Fire
3x Shattering Fire
3x Discerning Fire
3x Pocket Demon
2x Avenging Thunder
2x Farseeing Rice Grains

Charles comments:
always have foundation problems.. everything cost 2 monarch to start working, but eventually it starts working, the bazaar and far seeing rice was big help too, and in the end game none of my monarchs came out, fire mystics (with a +5 fight sword of dragon king) was responsible for the final push and winning the game.

[writeup by Braz King]

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