Shadowfist Deck: The Sorcerer's Throne by Tim Linden

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[posted 18 Jul 2005; updated 11 Nov 2005]

Originally posted to the Shadowfist Forum on Yahoogroups on 12 Jul 2005 by Tim Linden. Republished with permission. If you're a member of the group, you can read the original in the archive.

Tim Linden won the Who's The Big Man Now? dueling tournament at Origins 2005 with this deck. Tim also won the dueling event at the 2nd annual Smackdown in Jacktown with this deck.


The Sorcerer's Throne
by Tim Linden (62 cards)

            5 Purist Initiates
            5 Purist Sorcerors 

            5 Sinister Priests
            5 Shamanistic Punks
            5 Eunuch Underlings

            1 Inoue Imram
            1 Destroyer
            2 Jueding Shelun (vPAP from Red Wedding)            

            5 Die!!!!
            5 Inauspicious Return
            1 Secret Pact

            3 Stand Together

            2 Feast of Souls
            1 Throne of Skulls
            4 The Dragon Throne

            5 Pinball Hall
            5 Sunless Sea Ruins
            1 The Pinnacles
            1 Temple of Celestial Mercy

Basically a standard weenie rush deck. Works quite nicely due to the Lotus evil tricks (Die!!!, Inauspicious Return, Feast of Souls). Once you get the Throne out, pretty well much most of the deck is free. Together with the increased hand size from the TCM/SSR, you can drop lots of little guys really fast. I put in the Eunuch Underlings to have someone who can survive a brawl, or just run over 2 cost foundations, etc. The purist sorcerer is in there for the same reason, and more importantly can get you the second Purist resource for the Stand Together.

The deck would likely still work almost as quickly, and be better if the Purist Sorcerors became Void Sorcerors. And fitting a Tommy Hsu in somehow would be useful too.

I didn't have to worry about any mass kill effects this time around (no final brawls/aerial bombardments/etc.), although once you have a Stand Together (and better a Feast) it is not really that bad once or twice - play lots more, return some more, have Jueding pop another out per turn, etc.

I stalled against Paul's "micromonkey" deck (first hand ended up with 4 inauspicious returns. Sigh) and of course was just demolished.

The Void Sorceror deck started strong against me, but could not quite finish me off in time - I finally turned it around when the combo set up and got off a couple of Die!!!'s to get me the game.

Both Hand decks I faced really didn't have a good way to deal with the deck, and basically just found themselves too slow.

I played David Eber's "my guys are free too!" deck afterwards for fun, and lost badly. That is not a good matchup for this deck. (assault squads, maze of stairs, etc.)

[writeup by Tim Linden]

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