Shadowfist Deck: Sorcerous Shenanigans by Tony Adams

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[posted 8 Apr 2009]

Originally posted to the Shadowfist-UK Forum on Yahoogroups on 8 Sep 2008 by Tony Adams. Repulished with permission. Anyone can read the original in the archive.

Tony Adams won the UK Gencon 2008 Comrades in Arms tournament with this deck.


Sorcerous Shenanigans
by Tony Adams (93 cards)

19 FSS
3x Disco
3x Gambling House
2x Festival Circle
2x Whirlpool of Blood
2x Palace of Virtual Light
2x Fox Pass
1x Devil's Mountain
1x Kinoshita House
1x Puzzle Garden
1x The Blue Moon Club
1x Temple of Celestial Mercy

21 Foundations
5x Purist Initiate (S)
5x Mathemagician
2x Symphonic Disciples

5x Sinister Priest (S)
3x Shamanistic Punk (S)
1x Petal's Attendant (S)

22 Other characters
1x Inoue Oram, 10k Bullets, thus a sorcerer
1x Inoue Oram, Dark Future, thus a sorceress :(
3x Void Sorceror (S)
2x Void
2x Christine Winter (S)
4x Dr. Celeste Carter
2x Mutator
1x The Insidious Dr. Fermat
1x Jenaya Ou (S)

3x Evil Twin
2x Jueding Shelun (S)

31 Events and stuff
5x Quantum Sorcery
5x Glimpse of Brief Eternity
2x Material Transcendence

3x Discerning Fire
5x Amulet of the Turtle
3x Stand Together
5x Farseeing Rice Grains
1x The Bazaar

5x Inauspicious Return
1x Feast of Souls
1x Twelve Thousand Skulls

As far as I know, there are 5 outstanding cards in CiA:
- Gambling House
- Disco
- Discerning Fire
- Glimpse of Brief Eternity
- "that Ascended event"

The FSS are limited, not unique, so it's difficult to tech against them. They're both turning sites, so Whirlpool is OK.

Discerning Fire is a different story. Basically you can either build your deck so that it doesn't matter, like Andy Holt's ingenious Gambit deck, or boring old 23x Netherworld. Or you can play hosers for Discerning Fire:
- Festival Circle
- Brain Fire
- Confucian Stability (tricky to find a good designator though)
- Who's The Monkey Now
- Cry of the Forgotten Ancestor
Andrew was playing Uprising in his Rebels deck, which does a similar thing in an unusual way.

This means that relying on a targetted events that smoke is a Bad Thing (TM). The only ones I played were three Discerning Fires.

Glimpse of Brief Enternity is 0-cost, and the only card that stops it on the above list is Confucian. Even WTMN doesn't work, because it doesn't decide to become a card that smokes until resolution.

The other consideration is the possible likely deck choices you might be facing. Last time I played in a GenCon CiA almost all the decks were Netherworld, so I figured on lots of Brain Fires (see above), lots of magic, and a fair amount of 6-costing Monarchs. People were far more original in their designator choices this time around, so I was wrong about the Monarchs. I did get to Evil Twin a White Ninja, though.

My game plan was:
- Play 5x Glimpse and dig through the deck to get them
- Make a bunch of 1 cost Sorcerors on the cheap (and possibly pump them up), so that Dis Fire doesn't hurt too much. I failed to make the deck big enough for this to work properly and various of my hitters are actually Sorcerors.
- Use said Sorcerors and some Amulets to make a massive Dr. Carter. Watch it die in a hail of bullets. Repeat until opponents run out of bullets.

Cool Shadowfist moments of the tourney:
- Andy Holt revealing that he was playing a Gambit deck. Me slowly realising what this meant...
- Arthur starting an auction before my first turn. In a 3-player game. Yep, really happened.
- Getting to use Mutator on Dr. Carter's +1 fighting for each magic card in play. Childish but satisfying.

[writeup by Tony Adams]

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