Shadowfist Deck: The Story of the Three Acrobats by Jim Przytulski

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[posted 5 Sep 2007]

Originally posted to the Shadowfist Forum on Yahoogroups on 8 July 2007 by Jim Przytulski. Republished with permission. If you're a member of the group, you can read the original in the archive.

Jim Przytulski made it to the finals of the North American Championships at Origins 2007 with this deck.


Origins Final Brawl Deck Report

The turnout for the Final Brawl was somewhere around 15-16 players. There were some interesting builds. I thought Benjamin Barnett’s Unexpected Rescue + Demon Horde deck was very interesting.

My deck ended up making the final table. In the final Brian Smith-Sweeney overpowered us with an amazing Battle-Matic draw that was well played on his part. I could never get my deck rolling in the face of Brian’s Battle-Matics taking one or two of my feng shui early on. I feel going into the finals as the number one seed I played a very powerful deck. The highlights of the tournament for me was winning one game with an Old Hermit’s Gambit that nobody expected and playing Kiii-Yaaah on Cavebear twice in a row.

The basic premise of the deck was to utilize Wu Bin’s tutor effects in combination with Ashes of the Fallen and Fighting Spirit. Seven Masters is thrown in for a powerful event powered Red Bat with Kunlun Clan Assaults to provide magic for timely Scrolls of Incantation. This deck is built around going for an unstoppable win. The single flaw I have with this deck is that it doesn’t have enough removal. I need time to set up my winning attack. Until then I can get beat on without mercy. Usually this is not a problem in four player. I have more time to get my cards. This flaw worked against me in the finals with Brian’s quick start, my drawing of zero final brawls, and a stopped Dirk Wisely’s Gambit that would have brought out a hitter to deal with a Mad Scientist with a Battle-Matic.

Anyway, here is the list.

The Story of the Three Acrobats
by Jim Przytulski (65 cards)

Hitters - 8
2x The Seven
2x Red Bat
4x Wu Bin of Turtle Island

Foundation - 13
5x Student of the Dragon
5x Friends of the Dragon
3x Hacker

Events - 29
5x Kunlun Clan Assault
3x Scroll of Incantation
3x Open a Can of Whoopass
3x Final Brawl
3x Ashes of the Fallen
3x Fighting Spirit
3x Dirk Wisely’s Gambit
1x Got My Mojo Working
1x Old Hermit’s Gambit
1x Back for Seconds
1x Golden Comeback
1x “Is that all you got”
1x Kiii-Yaah

Feng Shui/Site - 15
5x Festival Circle
3x Petroglyphs
3x Temple of Celestial Mercy
2x Stone Dolmens
2x The Bazaar (As everyone knows I play this in almost every tournament deck.)

Knowledge of every card is required to play this deck effectively. Early on throw away cards you play two or three copies of. With Wu Bins and scrolls you can always search for the remaining pieces. The first card you usually Wu Bin for is Open a Can of Whoopass for an early burn. If you have a Wu Bin and an Open a Can of Whupass already in hand you search for a trick you feel would be most effective at the time. I often Wu Bin for Hacker against Ascended so I can get a successful burn.

[writeup by Jim Przytulski]

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