Shadowfist Deck: Unnamed Deck by Clay Threadgill

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[posted 26 Feb 2012]

Published in Inner Kingdom Update Vol.2, Issue 5. Reposted with permission of Inner Kingdom Games.

Clay Threadgill won the Texas State Championships at Chimaeracon 2011 with this deck.


Unnamed Deck
by Clay Threadgill (60 cards)
5x Black Helicopter Squad
5x The Pledged
2x Student of the Bear
2x Might of the Elephant 

2x Adrienne Hart
2x Cabinet Minister
3x Corrupt Land Agent
2x Freelance Platoon
2x Gunslinger
2x The She-Wolf
1x Shinobu Yashida
2x Triumvirate Dealmaker
1x The Unspoken Name Critical Shift)

1x Paper Trail
1x Everything Falls Apart
1x Gunboat Diplomacy
1x Secret Plans for World Domination

2x Bite of the Jellyfish
3x Moonlight Raid
4x Operation Killdeer

2x Ancient Stone Arch
2x City Park
2x The Great Wall
1x Kinoshita House
1x LaGrange Four
1x Temple of the Angry Spirits
2x Whirlpool of Blood

5x Family Estate

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