Shadowfist Deck: Tsien's House of Discount Undead by Bill Palecek

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[posted 31 Aug 2004]

Bill Palecek made it to the finals at the GenCon 2004 Who's The Big Man Now? dueling tournament. Only Jan Malina could stop him :)

Tsien's House of Discount Undead
by Bill Palecek (44 Cards)

   4x Big Brother Tsien
   5x Shadowy Horror

   5x Walking Corpses
   5x Hopping Vampires vPAP (7M)
   1x Evil Twin

   5x Inauspicious Reburial
   5x Tortured Memories
   2x Die!!!
   1x Glimpse of the Abyss
   2x Flying Sleeves

   4x Proving Ground
   5x Cave Network

Basic strategy is to get out cheap hitters fast and win fast. If the deck doesn't get a quick lead, it is almost certainly going to lose. Everything is designed to be played off the Cave Network (hence the choice of Shadowy Horrors for resource characters), but I found myself being able to do that trick less often than I liked—most opponents are too smart to walk into a Cave Network. If there's one thing I'd change about this deck, it would be to replace the Shadowy Horrors with 1-cost characters (and a 5th Tsien)—thus to have more power to play Walking Corpses and Inauspicious Reburials.

[writeup by Bill Palecek]

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