Shadowfist Deck: Uprising! by Tim Linden

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[posted 17 Sep 2006]

Published with permission. Thanks Tim!

Tim Linden made it to the finals of the GenCon 2006 Comrades in Arms (multiplayer, theme) tournament with this deck.


by Tim Linden (55 cards)

 5 Punks
 5 Just another Consumer
 1 Marmojet

 5 Deep Cover Rebels
 5 Violence Junkies
 5 Buffalo Soldiers

 4 Uprising
 4 Scrounging
 4 Close Call
 3 Who's the Monkey Now?

 3 Rebel Camps

 5 Pinball Hall
 1 Disco
 1 Gambling House
 1 Kinoshita House
 1 Fox Pass
 1 Stone Dolmens
 1 Temple of the Angry Spirits 

A basic Rebel/Uprising deck. I relied on the obvious Close Calls to punch through for early sites, and the Uprisings to bring back oodles of fight for cheap late game.

I got the first burn in the finals quite early (turn 3), but of course everything fell apart with the Bite I hoped to dodge, followed up immediately by my Violence Junkie getting mentored. It went downhill rapidly from there, although we staved off the inevitable defeat longer than I expected. Ah well, it happens when you gamble with Ascended at the table.

[writeup by Tim Linden]

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