Shadowfist Deck: New Heroes Deck by Randal Wales

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[posted 19 Feb 2012]

Published in Inner Kingdom Update Vol.1, Issue 4. Reposted with permission of Inner Kingdom Games.

Randal Wales tied for the win at the 2010 Queensland State Championships (Australian National Championships) with this deck.


Unnamed New Heroes Deck
by Randal Wales (58 cards)
Kamikaze Cosmonauts x2
Suicide Squad x4
Rebel Without a Cause x5
Dr Quentin Higginsbotham x2
Fire Woman x5
Andy Di x2
Cyborg Mermaid x2
Jayne Insane x2
Thingshot x2
Explosive Motorcycle x3
Single Action Devolver x2
Isothermal Zodiac x4
Turbo Boost x2
Potlatch x2
Safety Third x2
Out of the Barrel x2
Auspicious Thermite x4
Arctic Fortress x2
Ancient Stone Arch x3
Bamboo Forest x3
Big Red Barn x2
Boot Hill x1

*Replace Bamboo Forests and Big Red Barns with more copies of the other FSS.
*Find a way to get a 5th Isothermal Zodiac in the deck

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