Shadowfist Deck: Wing Chun by Benjamin Barnett

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[posted 14 Sep 2005]

Deck list provided by Benjamin Barnett, 9 Sep 2005. Published with permission.

Benjamin Barnett made it to the final four of the Who's The Big Man Now? dueling championship at GenCon 2005 using this deck.

Wing Chun
by Benjamin Barnett (54 Cards)

5x Golden Candle Society
5x Little Grasshopper
3x Jade Dragon Monk
3x Sword Saint
1x The Iron Monkey
3x Yung Chang
1x Blade Palm
2x Breath of the Dragon
1x Confucian Stability
2x Iron and Silk
1x Rigorous Discipline
1x Secrets of Shaolin
3x The Red Harvest
2x Wind on the Mountain
5x Wing of the Crane
2x The Jade Dragon
1x Charge of the Righteous
1x Shield of Pure Soul
1x Yellow Senshi Chamber
1x White Senshi Chamber
1x Fox Pass
1x Hot Springs
1x Mobius Gardens
1x Rainforest Temple
2x Stone Spirals
2x Stone Dolmens
2x Whirlpool

I threw together this deck at the last hour as I temporarily mislaid my box of prebuilt decks. I decided to strip down a multiplayer Yung Chang deck and see if I could make it sing in dueling with The Red Harvest to turbocharge the early game resource race. It was super nice to reliably toss 2nd turn Wings around -- The Red Harvest really pays the bills in dueling, as does Breath of the Dragon.

The Iron and Silks were frankly a big mistake -- I should've slotted Blood of the Valiant, or more Breaths, or even one or 2 Shaolin Surprise to scoot The Jade Dragon around.

[writeup by Benjamin Barnett]

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