Shadowfist Seven Masters vs. The Underworld Card List

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[posted 30 Apr 2004; updated 2 May 2004]

This list includes only the basics — basic rarity (ex., no C/C2 distinction), card title, type, and faction. If you want a list with more details, download the master checklist or the database back on the main cardlist page, or if you want to know more about this set, check out the Seven Masters set page.

 Rarity Title                                  Type            Faction
   U    200 Guys With Hatchets and Ladders     Edge            Ascended
   U    401k Squad                             Character       Jammers
   C    Aerial Bombardment                     Event           Architects
   C    Ape Nuts                               Character       Jammers
   C    Arcanogardener                         Character       Architects
   U    Arcanoleech                            State           Architects
   U    Balanced Harmonies                     Edge            Seven Masters
   U    Baptism of Fire                        State           Dragons
   C    Beneficent Tao                         Event           Seven Masters
   R    Blanket of Darkness                    Edge            Monarchs
   C    Bloody Horde                           Character       Lotus
   R    Boundless Heaven Sword                 State           -
   C    Brain Tap Rifle                        State           Architects
   U    Buddha's Palm                          Event           -
   U    Buro Scientist                         Character       Architects
   R    Celestial Stance                       State           -
   R    Cenotaph                               Character       Lotus
   U    Chi Syphon                             State           Purists
   C    Cobra Clan Stalkers                    Character       Ascended
   U    Combat Courtship                       Event           Monarchs
   U    Cry of the Forgotten Ancestor          Event           Ascended
   C    Curtain of Fullness                    Event           -
   U    Deep-Cover Rebels                      Character       Jammers
   R    Desolation                             Character       Lotus
   U    Eight Pillars of Heaven Array          Event           Hand
   U    Essence-Absorbing Stance               State           Hand
   C    Evil Chanting                          Event           Lotus
   R    Feast of Souls                         Edge            Lotus
   C    Fighting Spirit                        Event           Dragons
   U    Four Mountains Fist                    State           Dragons
   U    Geomantic Spirit                       Character       Purists
   R    Ghost Wind                             Character       Seven Masters
   U    Glimpse of Brief Eternity              Event           Purists
   R    Gold Lion                              Character       Seven Masters
   R    Grey Mountain                          Character       Ascended
   U    Haunted Forest                         Site            Lotus
   R    Ho Chen                                Character       Seven Masters
   C    Hopping Vampire                        Character       Lotus
   U    Hordes of Saboteurs                    Edge            Jammers
   C    Ice Sword                              State           Monarchs
   R    Incarnate Abstraction                  State           Purists
   R    Invincible Earth Sword                 State           -
   R    Invincible Stance                      State           -
   R    Jade Palace of the Dragon King         Feng Shui Site  -
   U    Jaguar Warriors                        Character       Monarchs
   R    Jenaya Ou                              Character       Purists
   R    Jiang Fei                              Character       Lotus
   C    Kick 'em When They're Down             Event           Jammers
   C    Killing Rain                           Event           -
   C    Know Your Enemy                        State           Hand
   R    Kong Jun She                           Character       Lotus
   C    Kunlun Clan Assault                    Event           Seven Masters
   U    Leopard Clan Warriors                  Character       Ascended
   R    Li Mao                                 Character       Dragons
   R    Lin                                    Character       Dragons
   R    Long Axe and Short Axe                 Character       Lotus
   R    Lui Yu Min                             Character       Hand
   U    Lunar Sword                            State           -
   C    Master Bowman                          Character       Dragons
   C    Material Transcendence                 State           Purists
   R    Miasma                                 Character       Lotus
   C    Monkey Fools the Tiger                 Event           Seven Masters
   C    Monkeywrenching                        Event           Jammers
   U    Monsoon                                Character       Seven Masters
   U    Mountain Fortress                      Feng Shui Site  -
   C    Netherflitter                          State           Jammers
   C    Neural Stimulator                      State           Architects
   R    No Shadow Kick                         State           -
   U    Occult Kung Fu                         State           Seven Masters
   C    One Thousand Swords                    State           Seven Masters
   U    Orange Master                          Character       Hand
   C    Ordinal Spirit                         Character       Purists
   C    Out For Blood                          Event           Dragons
   C    Pao Yeh Pao Lo Mi                      Event           Seven Masters
   C    Peacock Clan Warriors                  Character       Ascended
   U    Penal Soldiers                         Character       Architects
   R    Phoenix Stance                         State           -
   C    Poison Clan Warriors                   Character       Lotus
   U    Rapid Response Team                    Character       Architects
   C    Rat Clan Spies                         Character       Ascended
   U    Ready For Action                       State           Dragons
   R    Red Bat                                Character       Seven Masters
   U    Red Master                             Character       Hand
   C    Righteous Heaven Stance                State           Hand
   U    Rogue Scientist                        Character       Jammers
   C    Shadow Legion                          Character       Purists
   C    Shaolin Defender                       Character       Hand
   C    Shaolin Monkey                         Character       Jammers
   C    Shaolin Swordsman                      Character       Hand
   U    Shaolin vs. Wudang                     Event           Hand
   R    Shards of Warped Reflection            Character       Purists
   C    Shrieking Witch Heads                  Event           Lotus
   U    Shu Kan                                Character       Lotus
   R    Shung Dai                              Character       -
   R    Sir Gawain                             Character       Monarchs
   R    Sky Dragon                             Character       Seven Masters
   C    Solar Sword                            State           -
   U    Soul Theft                             State           Lotus
   U    Storming the Gates of Hell             Event           Dragons
   U    Sword Saint                            Character       Hand
   C    Terracotta Warriors                    State           Lotus
   U    The Book of Wrath                      Edge            Monarchs
   R    The Celestial Eye                      State           -
   U    The Lady or the Tiger?                 Event           Ascended
   C    The Queen's Wrath                      Event           Monarchs
   C    The Shattered Mirror                   Event           Purists
   U    The Swords Unite                       Event           -
   U    Thousand Sword Mountain                Feng Shui Site  -
   C    Thunder Captain                        Character       Monarchs
   C    Thunder Inquisitor                     Character       Monarchs
   C    Ting Ting's Bandits                    Character       Dragons
   U    Tranquil Persuader                     Character       Hand
   C    Uncontrolled Mutation                  Event           Architects
   U    Underworld Gateway                     State           Lotus
   C    Unexpected Rescue                      Event           Seven Masters
   C    Wah-Shan Clan Warriors                 Character       Seven Masters
   C    Wall of a Thousand Eyes                Feng Shui Site  -
   U    Wandering Monk                         Character       Hand
   U    Wandering Swordsman                    Character       Dragons
   C    "We Need Bigger Guns!"                 State           Jammers
   C    Wing of the Crane                      Event           -
   C    Wolf Clan Hunters                      Character       Ascended
   U    Wondrous Illusion                      Event           Seven Masters
   R    Wu Bin of Turtle Island                Character       Dragons
   R    Wu Man Kai                             Character       Seven Masters
   C    Wudang Monk                            Character       Seven Masters
   U    Wudang Mountain                        Feng Shui Site  Seven Masters
   R    Xiang Kai                              Character       Lotus

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