Shadowfist Dark Future Card List

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[posted 16 Feb 2003; updated 3 Sep 2003]

This list includes only the basics — basic rarity (ex., no C/C2 distinction), card title, type, and faction. If you want a list with more details, download the master checklist or the database back on the main cardlist page, or if you want to know more about this set, check out the Dark Future set page.

 Rarity Title                            Type            Faction
   C    Alchemist's Lair                 Site            -
   R    Arachnae                         Character       Ascended
   C    Arcane Scientist                 Character       Purists
   U    Assault Drone                    Character       Architects
   C    Battle Cry                       Event           Monarchs
   R    Battlechimp Potemkin             Character       Jammers
   U    Battle-Matic                     State           Jammers
   C    Beta Beast                       Character       Architects
   C    Big Macaque Attack               Character       Jammers
   C    BK97 Attack Chopper              State           Architects
   C    Blue Mandarin                    Character       Hand
   R    Borrowed Nuke                    State           Dragons
   C    Buro Blue Spear                  State           Architects
   C    BuroMil Grunt                    Character       Architects
   U    BuroMil "Savage"                 State           Architects
   R    Cataract Gorge                   Feng Shui Site  -
   C    Cellular Reinvigoration          Event           Architects
   C    Chaos Spirit                     Character       -
   U    Chi Reconfiguration              Event           Purists
   C    Close Call                       Event           Jammers
   U    Combat Veteran                   State           Architects
   R    Concourse Godard                 Character       Dragons
   C    Consumer on the Brink            Character       Dragons
   C    Coral Reef                       Feng Shui Site  -
   U    Corruption                       Event           Lotus
   C    Dark Sacrifice                   Event           Monarchs
   U    Defiant Bloom                    Edge            Hand
   U    Déjà Vu                          Event           Purists
   U    Demon Tank                       State           Lotus
   R    Desdemona Deathangel             Character       Architects
   R    Destroyer                        Character       Lotus
   U    Destroyer Drone                  Character       Architects
   R    Dirk Wisely                      Character       Dragons
   C    Dump Scrounger                   Character       Jammers
   R    Dunwa Saleem                     Character       Ascended
   U    Energy Flail                     State           -
   C    Entropy Sphere                   Event           Purists
   C    Entropy Tap                      Event           Purists
   R    Esteban Vicente                  Character       Purists
   U    FAE Schwartz                     Character       Jammers
   U    Fake Out                         Event           Dragons
   U    Fallen Heroes                    Event           Dragons
   U    Fearsome Foe                     State           Lotus
   C    Fist of Freedom                  Character       Hand
   R    Fo Shen                          Character       Lotus
   R    Fortress Omega                   Site            Architects
   U    Free Fire Zone                   Site            Jammers
   R    General Olivet                   Character       Architects
   U    Gloating Laughter                State           Lotus
   C    Got My Mojo Working              Event           Dragons
   U    Hell Charger                     State           Lotus
   U    Hexagram Spirit                  Character       Purists
   C    Homemade Tank                    State           Jammers
   C    Hot Springs                      Feng Shui Site  -
   U    Ice Sorceress                    Character       Monarchs
   U    Identity Chop Shop               Feng Shui Site  -
   C    IFF Missiles                     Event           -
   U    Inoue Oram                       Character       Purists
   C    Jack of All Trades               Character       Jammers
   R    Jason X                          Character       Architects
   C    Jet Pack                         State           -
   R    Johann Bonengel                  Character       Architects
   R    Johnny Badhair                   Character       Dragons
   C    Jury-Rigged Dynamo               State           Jammers
   C    Just a Rat                       Character       Ascended
   U    Kar Fai's Last Stand             Event           Dragons
   U    Kar Fai's Legacy                 Event           Dragons
   C    Killing Ground                   Site            -
   R    King Kung                        Character       Jammers
   C    Legion of the Damned             Character       Lotus
   R    Louie the Roach                  Character       Ascended
   R    Major Hottie                     Character       Jammers
   C    Marauder Gang                    Character       -
   U    Marauder Lord                    Character       -
   U    Mark IV Fusion Rifle             State           -
   U    Master Gardener                  Character       Hand
   R    Master Hao                       Character       Hand
   U    Master Mechanic                  Character       Dragons
   U    MegaTank                         State           -
   R    Memory Palace                    Event           Purists
   U    Memory Reprocessing              Event           -
   C    Memory Spirit                    Character       Purists
   R    Misery Totelben                  Character       Purists
   R    Mobile HQ                        State           Dragons
   U    Motor Pool                       Site            -
   R    Mount Makarakomburu              Feng Shui Site  -
   U    Mutator                          Character       Purists
   C    Newest Model                     State           -
   R    Nexus Tower                      Site            Purists
   C    No Man's Land                    Site            -
   C    Nuked                            Event           Jammers
   C    Orbital Laser Strike             Event           -
   U    Paradox Divination               Event           Purists
   C    Parting Gift                     Event           Jammers
   U    Portal Nexus                     State           Purists
   R    Primus                           Character       Purists
   C    Purist Aspirant                  Character       Purists
   C    Purist Initiate                  Character       Purists
   U    Quantum Sorcery                  Edge            Purists
   C    Raptor Squad                     Character       Architects
   C    Rebel Consumer                   Character       Hand
   C    Replacement Parts                State           -
   R    Rhys Engel                       Character       Purists
   U    SAM Simian                       Character       Jammers
   C    Secret Laboratory                Site            -
   R    Sergeant Blightman               Character       Architects
   R    Serket                           Character       Ascended
   C    Shaolin Agent                    Character       Hand
   C    Simian Sneaker                   Character       Jammers
   U    Smart Missile                    Edge            -
   C    Snowblind                        Event           Monarchs
   U    Spawn of the New Flesh           Character       Architects
   U    Spirit Guardian                  Edge            -
   C    Spirit Shield Generator          State           Architects
   C    Spit and Baling Wire             Event           -
   U    Superior Mastery                 Edge            Hand
   U    Tank Commander                   Character       Architects
   R    Temporal Realignment             Event           Purists
   C    The Dogs of War                  Character       Architects
   R    The Pinnacles                    Feng Shui Site  -
   R    Thing with a 1000 Tongues        Character       Architects
   U    Thunder Swordsman                Character       Monarchs
   U    Training Camp                    Site            -
   U    Tunneler Drone                   Character       Architects
   R    Ursus                            Character       Ascended
   U    Vivisection Agenda               Event           Architects
   C    Void Sorcerer                    Character       Purists
   C    Zen Logician                     Character       Purists

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