Shadowfist Netherworld Card List

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[posted 16 Feb 2003; updated 29 Jul 2003]

This list includes only the basics — basic rarity (ex., no C/C2 distinction), card title, type, and faction. If you want a list with more details, download the master checklist or the database back on the main cardlist page, or if you want to know more about this set, check out the Netherworld set page.

 Rarity Title                            Type            Faction
   U    Abysmal Absorber                 Character       Lotus
   U    Abysmal Deceiver                 Character       Lotus
   U    Abysmal Prince                   Character       Lotus
   U    Agony Grenade                    State           Architects
   U    Ancestral Sanctuary              Feng Shui Site  -
   U    Avenging Thunder                 Event           Monarchs
   R    Bao Chou                         Character       Dragons
   U    Biomass Reprocessing Center      Site            Architects
   U    Blade Freak                      Character       Ascended
   R    Blanket of Darkness              Edge            Monarchs
   C    Brain Fire                       Event           Monarchs
   C    Brain Sucker                     Character       Architects
   C    Bronze Sentinel                  Character       Dragons
   U    Burn, Baby, Burn!                Edge            Jammers
   C    Butterfly Knight                 Character       Monarchs
   U    Capture Squad                    Character       Architects
   U    CHAR                             Character       Architects
   C    Chi Sucker                       Character       Architects
   C    Chimp Shack                      Site            Jammers
   U    Claws of Darkness                State           Monarchs
   R    Counterfeit Heart                Edge            Monarchs
   C    Dark Traveler                    Character       -
   R    Darkness Pagoda                  Site            Monarchs
   C    Darkness Priestess               Character       Monarchs
   R    Death Shadow                     Character       Ascended
   C    Death-O-Rama                     Event           Jammers
   C    Demolitions Expert               Character       Jammers
   U    Desire Manipulator               State           -
   C    Discerning Fire                  Event           -
   C    Doomed Lackey                    Character       Lotus
   R    Elevator to the Netherworld      State           -
   U    Enchanted Sword                  State           Monarchs
   U    Entropy is Your Friend           Edge            Jammers
   R    Eugene Fo                        Character       -
   C    Festival Circle                  Feng Shui Site  -
   C    Field of Tentacles               Feng Shui Site  -
   R    Fire and Darkness Pavilion       Site            Monarchs
   U    Fire Assassin                    Character       Monarchs
   U    Fire Martyr                      Character       Monarchs
   R    Fire Pagoda                      Site            Monarchs
   C    Fire Warriors                    Character       Monarchs
   U    Flying Bladder                   Character       Architects
   U    Flying Crescent                  State           Monarchs
   C    Flying Kick                      Event           Dragons
   C    Fortress of Shadow               Feng Shui Site  -
   C    Foul Hatchling                   Character       Architects
   R    Furious George                   Character       Jammers
   C    Garden of Bronze                 Feng Shui Site  -
   U    Gearhead                         Character       Jammers
   U    Ghost Assassin                   Character       Lotus
   R    Gnarled Attuner                  Character       Architects
   R    Gorilla Warfare                  Edge            Jammers
   R    Green Senshi Chamber             Site            Hand
   C    Grenade Posse                    Character       Jammers
   R    Guiyu Zui                        Site            Lotus
   U    Gunrunner                        Character       Jammers
   C    Heat of Battle                   Event           Hand
   C    House of Mirrors                 Feng Shui Site  -
   U    Ice Courtier                     Character       Monarchs
   U    Ice Diadem                       State           Monarchs
   C    Ice Falcons                      Character       Monarchs
   C    Ice Healer                       Character       Monarchs
   R    Ice Pagoda                       Site            Monarchs
   R    Ice Shards                       Character       Monarchs
   C    Ice Tiger                        Character       Monarchs
   U    IKTV Rebroadcast Link            State           -
   R    Jamal Hopkins                    Character       Jammers
   R    Jason X                          Character       Dragons
   R    Jimmy Wai                        Character       -
   R    Jueding Bao-Fude                 Character       Lotus
   C    Kiii-YAAAH!                      Event           Dragons
   R    King of the Fire Pagoda          Character       Monarchs
   R    Locksley Station                 Feng Shui Site  -
   R    Lord Shi                         Character       Monarchs
   C    Mad Bomber                       Character       Jammers
   R    Marisol                          Character       Dragons
   C    Mark of Fire                     Event           Monarchs
   R    Molten Heart                     Edge            Monarchs
   U    Monkey House                     Feng Shui Site  -
   U    Necromantic Conspiracy           Event           Lotus
   U    Netherworld Return               Event           Monarchs
   C    Netherworld Vet                  Character       Dragons
   C    New Manifesto                    Event           Jammers
   U    Operation Green Strike           Event           Ascended
   R    Orange Senshi Chamber            Site            Hand
   R    Orango Tank                      Character       Jammers
   C    Perpetual Motion Machine         Feng Shui Site  -
   C    Pinball Hall                     Feng Shui Site  -
   C    Pocket Demon                     Event           -
   R    Queen of the Darkness Pagoda     Character       Monarchs
   R    Rah Rah Rasputine                Character       Jammers
   R    RedGlare Chapel                  Site            -
   U    Repulsor Beams                   State           Dragons
   C    Resistance Squad                 Character       Jammers
   R    Reverend RedGlare                Character       Ascended
   C    Ring of Gates                    Feng Shui Site  -
   C    Rust Garden                      Feng Shui Site  -
   R    Serena Ku                        Character       Dragons
   R    Sergeant Blightman               Character       Architects
   U    Shield of Pure Soul              Edge            Hand
   U    Shields of Darkness              State           Monarchs
   R    Shinobu Yashida                  Character       Ascended
   U    Sibling Rivalry                  Event           Monarchs
   C    Soul Diver                       Character       Monarchs
   U    Soul of the Dragon               Edge            Ascended
   C    Storm of the Just                Event           Hand
   U    Sucker Rounds                    State           Architects
   R    Sung Hi                          Character       Lotus
   C    Surprise, Surprise               Event           Dragons
   R    Tanbi Guiawu                     Character       Lotus
   C    The Displaced                    Character       -
   C    The Faceless                     Character       -
   U    The Fox Outfoxed                 State           -
   R    The Golden Gunman                Character       Dragons
   C    The Losers                       Character       -
   R    The Prof                         Character       Dragons
   R    Thunder Pagoda                   Site            Monarchs
   C    Thunder Squire                   Character       Monarchs
   R    Thunder Sword                    State           Monarchs
   U    Tick...Tick...Tick...            State           Jammers
   R    Ting Ting                        Character       Dragons
   U    Triumvirate Dealmaker            Character       Ascended
   C    Tunnel Ganger                    Character       Jammers
   C    Undercover Agent                 Character       Architects
   C    Violet Meditation                Event           -
   U    Violet Monk                      Character       Hand
   C    Wall of a Thousand Eyes          Feng Shui Site  -
   C    Whirlpool of Blood               Feng Shui Site  -
   R    White Senshi Chamber             Site            Hand
   R    Wu Ta-Hsi                        Character       Lotus
   R    Xiu Xie Jiang                    Character       Lotus
   U    Yellow Monk                      Character       Hand
   R    Yellow Senshi Chamber            Site            Hand
   R    Ze Botelho                       Character       -

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