Shadowfist Netherworld 2 Card List

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[posted 16 Feb 2003]

This list includes only the basics — basic rarity (ex., no C/C2 distinction), card title, type, and faction. If you want a list with more details, download the master checklist or the database back on the main cardlist page, or if you want to know more about this set, check out the Netherworld 2 set page.

 Rarity Title                            Type            Faction
   U    Adrenaline Junkie                Character       Jammers
   C    Arcanorat                        Character       Architects
   U    Arcanotechnician                 Character       Architects
   U    Art of War                       Edge            -
   R    Atourina Baktiari                Character       Monarchs
   U    Avenging Fire                    State           Monarchs
   U    Avenging Thunder                 Event           Monarchs
   C    Back for Seconds                 Event           Dragons
   U    Big Red Button                   Event           -
   R    Biomass Reprocessing Center      Site            Architects
   U    Bite of the Jellyfish            Event           Ascended
   C    Blood and Thunder                Event           Monarchs
   U    Blood Fields                     Site            -
   U    Blue Senshi Chamber              Site            Hand
   U    Bounty                           Edge            Ascended
   C    Brain Fire                       Event           Monarchs
   C    Butterfly Knight                 Character       Monarchs
   R    Chiu Fa                          Character       Monarchs
   C    Claws of Darkness                State           Monarchs
   C    Cloud Walking                    Event           -
   R    Colonel Griffith                 Character       Architects
   R    Colonel Richtmeyer               Character       Architects
   U    Conversion Drone                 Character       Architects
   U    Cutting Loose Ends               Event           Ascended
   C    Dallas Rocket                    Character       Jammers
   U    Darkness Falls                   Event           Monarchs
   R    Darkness Pagoda                  Site            Monarchs
   C    Darkness Warriors                Character       Monarchs
   C    DNA Mage                         Character       Architects
   R    Dr. Ally Matthews                Character       Architects
   R    Dr. Curtis Boatman               Character       Architects
   R    Duodenum of Yang Luo             Character       -
   U    Entropy is Your Friend           Edge            Jammers
   C    Expendable Unit                  Event           Architects
   U    Fanaticism                       Edge            Monarchs
   U    Feeding the Fires                Edge            Monarchs
   C    Fire Acolytes                    Character       Monarchs
   U    Fire Constructs                  Character       Monarchs
   R    Fire Pagoda                      Site            Monarchs
   C    Fire Sled                        State           Monarchs
   C    Fire Warriors                    Character       Monarchs
   C    Fist of Shadow                   Character       Hand
   R    Furious George                   Character       Jammers
   U    Fusion Rifle                     State           -
   R    General Fung                     Character       Monarchs
   R    Genocide Lounge                  Site            Jammers
   U    Going Out in Style               Event           Dragons
   C    Gorilla Encampment               Site            Jammers
   U    Gorilla Fighter                  Character       Jammers
   U    Green Senshi Chamber             Site            Hand
   C    Hall of Portals                  Feng Shui Site  -
   C    Helix Scrambler                  State           Architects
   R    Hiro Asataka                     Character       Dragons
   R    Hung Hei Kwon                    Character       Hand
   C    Ice Commandos                    Character       Monarchs
   C    Ice Healer                       Character       Monarchs
   R    Ice Pagoda                       Site            Monarchs
   C    Ice Shield                       State           Monarchs
   C    Ice Warriors                     Character       Monarchs
   C    Imprisoned                       Event           Architects
   C    In Your Face Again               Event           Jammers
   C    Inauspicious Reburial            Event           Lotus
   R    Je Pai                           Character       Lotus
   R    Jeroen Becker                    Character       Architects
   C    Junkyard Crawler                 Character       Jammers
   R    King of the Fire Pagoda          Character       Monarchs
   R    King of the Thunder Pagoda       Character       Monarchs
   C    Low-Rent Cyborg                  Character       Jammers
   R    Lucius Centares                  Character       Monarchs
   R    Lui Man Wai                      Character       Hand
   R    Lusignan the Fool                Character       -
   R    Lusignan's Automaton             Character       -
   R    Lusignan's Tower                 Site            -
   R    Man With No Name                 Character       -
   C    Mark of Fire                     Event           Monarchs
   C    Maze of Stairs                   Feng Shui Site  -
   C    Midnight Whisperer               Character       Architects
   U    Military Commandant              Character       Ascended
   U    Molotov Cocktail Party           State           Jammers
   U    Monkey Boy                       Character       Jammers
   U    Monkey House                     Feng Shui Site  -
   R    Mr. Red                          Character       Ascended
   U    Netherworld Portal               Site            -
   C    Netherworld Return               Event           Monarchs
   C    Ninja Interior Decorators        Character       Ascended
   C    Obsidian Mountain                Feng Shui Site  -
   C    Ominous Swamp                    Feng Shui Site  -
   R    Once and Future Champion         Character       Monarchs
   U    Orange Senshi Chamber            Site            Hand
   C    Palm of Darkness                 Character       Monarchs
   R    Paradox Beast                    Character       Architects
   U    Phlogiston Mine                  Feng Shui Site  -
   C    Playing Both Ends                Event           Ascended
   C    Portal Jockey                    Character       Jammers
   C    Prisoner of the Monarchs         State           Monarchs
   U    Proving Ground                   Feng Shui Site  -
   U    Pulling Strings                  Event           Ascended
   U    Purist Sorcerer                  Character       Lotus
   R    Queen of the Darkness Pagoda     Character       Monarchs
   R    Queen of the Ice Pagoda          Character       Monarchs
   R    Raven Li                         Character       Ascended
   C    Ravenous Devourer                Character       Lotus
   R    Red Don                          Character       Jammers
   U    Red Senshi Chamber               Site            Hand
   C    Ring of Gates                    Feng Shui Site  -
   U    Scroll of Incantation            Event           -
   R    Simon Draskovic                  Character       Architects
   C    Skin and Darkness Ravagers       Character       Monarchs
   C    Smart Gun                        State           -
   U    Spirit Pole                      Edge            Monarchs
   U    Storm Riders                     Character       Monarchs
   U    Sunless Sea Ruins                Feng Shui Site  -
   R    Suong Xa                         Character       Dragons
   U    Supercomputer                    Edge            -
   U    Swarm of Teeth                   Character       Architects
   C    Swiss Banker                     Character       Ascended
   U    Tangram Alley                    Feng Shui Site  -
   R    Temple of Boundless Meditation   Feng Shui Site  Hand
   U    That Which Does Not Kill Me...   Event           Dragons
   R    The Baron                        Character       Monarchs
   R    The Bound                        Character       Lotus
   R    The Burning King                 Character       Lotus
   C    The Displaced                    Character       -
   C    The Dis-Timed                    Character       -
   R    The Golden Gunman                Character       Dragons
   R    The Hub                          Site            Ascended
   U    The New Heroes                   Edge            Dragons
   R    The Prof                         Character       Dragons
   U    The Prof's Gambit                Event           Dragons
   R    The Strangled Scream             Character       Lotus
   U    The Twisted Gardens              Site            Lotus
   U    Thunder Champion                 Character       Monarchs
   C    Thunder Initiate                 Character       Monarchs
   C    Thunder Knights                  Character       Monarchs
   C    Thunder Lance                    State           Monarchs
   U    Thunder on Thunder               Event           Dragons
   R    Thunder Pagoda                   Site            Monarchs
   C    Thunder Squire                   Character       Monarchs
   U    Thunder Valkyries                Character       Monarchs
   U    Violet Senshi Chamber            Site            Hand
   C    Waterfall Sanctuary              Feng Shui Site  -
   U    White Senshi Chamber             Site            Hand
   U    Wind on the Mountain             Event           Hand
   R    Wu Ming Yi                       Character       Dragons
   U    Yellow Senshi Chamber            Site            Hand

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