Shadowfist Promo Card List

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[posted 16 Feb 2003; updated 6 Nov 2011]

This list includes only the basics — basic rarity (ex., no C/C2 distinction), card title, type, and faction. If you want a list with more details, download the master checklist or the database back on the main cardlist page, or if you want to know more about this set, check out the Promo set page. Updated through Empire of Evil.

 Rarity Title                                 Type            Faction
   P    Ang Dao the Corrupt                   Character       Lotus
   P    Blade Palm (Alt.Art)                  Event           -
   P    Burned For Victory                    Tournament      Rules
   P    Che Gorilla                           Character       Jammers
   P    Covert Operation (Alt.Art)            Event           Ascended
   P    Dan Dammer, Jammer Slammer            Character       Architects
   P    Demonic Alliance                      Edge            Lotus
   P    Devil's Rope                          State           Lotus
   P    Dragon Boat Festival                  Edge            Hand
   P    Elephant Gun                          State           -
   P    Elephant Gun (Reprint - S&SG)         State           -
   P    Evil Brain in a Jar                   Edge            Architects
   P    Funky Monkey                          Character       Jammers
   P    Ho Chen                               Character       Seven Masters
   P    Jessica Ng (PAP)                      Character       Architects
   P    Katie Kincaid (Alt.Art)               Character       Dragons
   P    KFC                                   Site            Dragons
   P    Kinoshita House of Pancakes           Feng Shui Site  -
   P    Kunlun Clan Assault (Reprint)         Event           Seven Masters
   P    Lateral Reincarnation                 Event           -
   P    Li Mao                                Character       Seven Masters
   P    Living Legend                         State           -
   P    Machine Warrior                       Character       Jammers
   P    Mars Colonist                         Character       Syndicate
   P    Military Commandant (Alt.Art)         Character       Ascended
   P    Nine Cuts (PAP)                       Character       -
   P    Noriko Watson                         Character       -
   P    Once and Future Champion              Character       Monarchs
   P    Open a Can of Whupass                 Event           Dragons
   P    Open a Can of Whupass (Reprint - S&SG)Event           Dragons
   P    Primus                                Character       Purists
   P    Public Enemy No. 1                    State           -
   P    Queen of the Ice Pagoda (Reprint)     Character       Monarchs
   P    Reascension Agenda                    Edge            Ascended
   P    Sacred Heart Hospital (Alt.Art)       Feng Shui Site  -
   P    Scrounging (Alt.Art)                  Event           Jammers
   P    Shang Bojing                          Character       Dragons
   P    Shard of the Molten Heart             Edge            Monarchs
   P    Silver Band (Alt.Art)                 Character       Dragons
   P    Silver Jet (PAP)                      Character       Monarchs
   P    Sinister Research                     Event           Architects
   P    Sting of the Scorpion (Alt.Art)       Character       Ascended
   P    Sword of the Master                   State           -
   P    Sword of the Master (Reprint - 7M)    State           -
   P    Swordbreaker Rao                      Character       Monarchs
   P    The Bazaar                            Site            -
   P    The Eastern King                      Character       Ascended
   P    The Gimp                              Character       Jammers
   P    The Junkyard                          Site            -
   P    The Mark of Evil                      State           Lotus
   P    The Stasis Engine                     Character       Purists
   P    "Time to Kick Ass!"                   Event           Dragons
   P    Ting Ting (Reprint)                   Character       Dragons
   P    Tom Donovan                           Character       Dragons
   P    Wedding Gifts                         Event           Monarchs
   P    White Ninja (PAP - Flashpoint)        Character       -
   P    White Ninja (PAP - TW)                Character       -
   P    White Ninja (PAP - CS)                Character       -
   P    Who Wants Some                        Tournament      Rules
   P    Xin Ji Yang vPAP                      Character       Lotus
   P    Yung Chang                            Character       Hand

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