Shadowfist Reprint List

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[posted 30 Jun 2003; updated 9 Mar 2008]

This list of reprints, errata, alternate art and play-as-printed cards is current through Critical Shift. The first printing of the card is shown in the left column, and all subsequent printings on the right. The formatting is a bit lame right now; I'll clean it up eventually...

Original Printing                       Reprints / Errata / Play-as-Printed
Abominable Lab (Ltd)                    YotD (reprint), 10kB (reprint)
Abysmal Absorber (NW)                   YotD (reprint with alternate art)
Adrienne Hart (Ltd)                     CWOS (reprint)
Alabaster Javelin (Ltd)                 10kB (reprint)
Alchemist's Lair (Ltd)                  FP (PAP), DF (reprint of PAP)
Amulet of the Turtle (Ltd)              YotD (errata v2), 10kB (reprint of errata v2)
Ancient Grove (Ltd)                     SS (reprint)
Arcane Scientist (DF)                   10kB (reprint)
Arcanotank (FP)                         10kB (reprint)
Arcanotechnician (Ltd)                  N2 (reprint)
Arcanowave Reinforcer (Ltd)             YotD (reprint)
Art of War (FP)                         N2 (reprint)
Avenging Thunder (NW)                   N2 (reprint), 10kB (reprint)
Back for Seconds (Ltd)                  N2 (reprint)
Bad Colonel (FP)                        2FT (reprint)
Bag Full of Guns (Ltd)                  10kB (PAP)
Baptism of Fire (Ltd)                   7M (reprint)
Battlechimp Potemkin (Ltd)              DF (PAP)
Big Brother Tsien (Ltd)                 10kB (reprint)
Big Bruiser (Ltd)                       RW (PAP)
Biomass Reprocessing Center (NW)        N2 (PAP)
Birdhouse Cafe (FP)                     YotD (reprint), 10kB (reprint)
Bite of the Jellyfish (Ltd)             N2 (reprint)
Blade of Darkness (TW)                  10kB (reprint)
Blade Palm (Ltd)                        YotD (reprint), 10kB (reprint), Promo (reprint with alternate art)
Blanket of Darkness (NW)                7M (reprint)
Blessed Orchard (Ltd)                   YotD (reprint)
Blood of the Valiant (FP)               YotD (reprint)
Bloody Horde (FP)                       7M (reprint)
Blue Monk (YotD)                        TW (reprint), 10kB (reprint)
Bomb Factory (10kB)                     RW (reprint)
Booby Trap (Ltd)                        2FT (errata v2)
Both Guns Blazing (FP)                  10kB (reprint)
Brain Fire (NW)                         N2 (reprint), 10kB (reprint)
Bronze Sentinel (NW)                    YotD (reprint)
Bull Market (10kB)                      CS (errata v2)
Burn, Baby, Burn! (NW)                  BCL (reprint)
Buro Godhammer (FP)                     YotD (reprint with alternate art), 10kB (reprint with alternate art)
BuroMil Grunt (FP)                      DF (reprint)
Butterfly Knight (NW)                   N2 (reprint), 10kB (reprint)
Carnival of Carnage (FP)                SS (reprint)
Cave Network (Ltd)                      YotD (reprint), 10kB (reprint)
CDCA Scientist (YotD)                   10kB (reprint)
Cellular Reinvigoration (Ltd)           DF (errata v2)
CHAR (NW)                               YotD (reprint), 10kB (reprint)
Charmed Life (Ltd)                      SS (reprint)
Chinese Doctor (Ltd)                    SS (reprint)
City Park (FP)                          YotD (reprint), 10kB (errata v2)
City Square (Ltd)                       YotD (reprint), 10kB (reprint)
Claw of Fury (FP)                       10kB (reprint)
Claw of the Dragon (FP)                 YotD (reprint)
Claws of Darkness (NW)                  N2 (reprint), 10kB (reprint)
Close Call (DF)                         10kB (reprint)
Colonel Griffith (FP)                   N2 (reprint)
Confucian Stability (Ltd)               YotD (reprint), 10kB (reprint)
Covert Operation (Ltd)                  YotD (errata v2), Promo (reprint with alternate art)
Cry of the Forgotten Ancestor (Ltd)     7M (reprint)
Curio Shop (FP)                         YotD (reprint), 10kB (reprint)
Curtain of Fullness (Ltd)               7M (reprint)
Dallas Rocket (FP)                      N2 (reprint), 10kB (reprint)
Dangerous Experiment (Ltd)              YotD (errata v2), 10kB (reprint of errata v2)
Dark Traveler (NW)                      RW (reprint)
Darkness Pagoda (NW)                    N2 (PAP)
Darkness Priestess (NW)                 TW (errata v2)
Darkness Warriors (N2)                  10kB (reprint)
Dark's Soft Whisper (FP)                SS (reprint)
Death-O-Rama (NW)                       10kB (reprint)
Deathtrap (Ltd)                         2FT (errata v2)
Desdemona Deathangel (Ltd)              DF (PAP)
Destroyer (FP)                          DF (reprint)
Die!!! (TW)                             10kB (reprint)
Difficulty at the Beginning (Ltd)       2FT (errata v2)
Dirk Wisely's Gambit (FP)               YotD (reprint), 10kB (errata v2)
Discerning Fire (NW)                    YotD (reprint), TW (reprint), 10kB (reprint)
Disintegrator Ray (Ltd)                 2FT (reprint)
DNA Mage (Ltd)                          N2 (reprint)
Dr. Curtis Boatman (N2)                 S&SG (PAP)
Draco (Ltd)                             YotD (PAP)
Dragon Mountain (Ltd)                   SS (reprint)
Drug Lab (Ltd)                          10kB (reprint)
Dunwa Saleem (FP)                       DF (PAP)
Edge Warrior (Ltd)                      10kB (reprint)
Elephant Gun (Promo)                    Promo (reprint)
Entropy is Your Friend (NW)             N2 (reprint)
Entropy Sphere (DF)                     10kB (reprint)
Entropy Tap (DF)                        10kB (reprint)
Eunuch Underling (Ltd)                  YotD (errata v2)
Everyday Hero (Ltd)                     10kB (reprint)
Evil Twin (Ltd)                         YotD (errata v2), TW (reprint of errata v2)
Ex-Commando (FP)                        10kB (reprint)
Expendable Unit (Ltd)                   N2 (reprint)
Explosives (Ltd)                        YotD (errata v2), 10kB (reprint of errata v2)
Faked Death (Ltd)                       SS (reprint), 10kB (reprint)
Family Estate (Ltd)                     YotD (reprint), 10kB (reprint)
Family Home (Ltd)                       10kB (reprint)
Feast of Souls (Ltd)                    7M (reprint)
Festival Circle (NW)                    YotD (reprint), 10kB (reprint)
Field of Tentacles (NW)                 YotD (reprint), 10kB (reprint)
Fighting Spirit (FP)                    7M (errata v2)
Final Brawl (Ltd)                       YotD (reprint), 10kB (reprint)
Fire Acolytes (N2)                      10kB (reprint)
Fire Martyr (NW)                        2FT (reprint)
Fire Pagoda (NW)                        N2 (PAP)
Fire Sled (FP)                          N2 (reprint)
Fire Warriors (NW)                      N2 (reprint)
Fist of the Bear (Ltd)                  SS (PAP)
Floating Restaurant (YotD)              10kB (reprint)
Flying Kick (NW)                        SS (reprint)
Flying Sleeves (TW)                     10kB (reprint)
Flying Sword Stance (TW)                10kB (reprint)
Fong Sai Yuk (Ltd)                      SS (PAP)
Fortuitous Chi (FP)                     2FT (reprint)
Fortune of the Turtle (Ltd)             SS (reprint)
Four Burning Fists (YotD)               10kB (reprint)
Fox Pass (Ltd)                          YotD (errata v2), 10kB (reprint of errata v2)
Friends of the Dragon (Ltd)             YotD (errata v2)
Funky Monkey (Promo)                    BCL (reprint)
Furious George (NW)                     N2 (reprint), 10kB (PAP)
Fusion Rifle (Ltd)                      N2 (errata v2)
Gambling House (YotD)                   10kB (reprint)
Gao Zhang (Ltd)                         TW (PAP)
Garden of Bronze (NW)                   10kB (reprint)
Gardener (Ltd)                          YotD (reprint)
Genghis X (FP)                          10kB (reprint)
Glimpse of the Abyss (FP)               YotD (reprint with alternate art), 10kB (reprint with alternate art)
Golden Candle Society (Ltd)             YotD (reprint), 10kB (reprint)
Golden Comeback (Ltd)                   YotD (reprint), 10kB (reprint)
Gorilla Fighter (FP)                    N2 (reprint), 10kB (reprint)
Green Senshi Chamber (NW)               N2 (reprint)
Gruff Lieutenant (Ltd)                  10kB (reprint)
Hacker (FP)                             YotD (reprint), 10kB (reprint)
Hands Without Shadow (Ltd)              YotD (errata v2), 10kB (reprint of errata v2)
Healing Earth (Ltd)                     SS (reprint), 10kB (reprint)
Heat of Battle (NW)                     10kB (reprint)
Helix Chewer (Ltd)                      YotD (reprint)
Helix Rethread (Ltd)                    YotD (reprint), 10kB (reprint)
Hidden Sanctuary (FP)                   10kB (reprint)
Ho Chen (Promo)                         7M (reprint)
Homemade Tank (FP)                      DF (reprint), 10kB (reprint)
Homo Omega (Ltd)                        YotD (PAP)
Hopping Vampire (Ltd)                   7M (PAP)
House on the Hill (Ltd)                 YotD (reprint)
Iala Mané (Ltd)                         SS (PAP)
Ice Diadem (NW)                         10kB (reprint)
Ice Healer (NW)                         N2 (reprint), 10kB (reprint)
Ice Pagoda (NW)                         N2 (PAP)
Ice Tiger (NW)                          RW (PAP)
Ice Warriors (Ltd)                      N2 (PAP)
Imprisoned (Ltd)                        N2 (reprint)
In Your Face Again (FP)                 N2 (reprint)
Inauspicious Reburial (Ltd)             N2 (reprint)
Inexorable Corruption (Ltd)             YotD (reprint)
Infernal Temple (Ltd)                   YotD (errata v2)
Inner Sanctum (Ltd)                     YotD (reprint), 10kB (reprint)
Inoue Oram (DF)                         10kB (reprint)
Instrument of the Hand (Ltd)            SS (reprint), 10kB (reprint)
Into the Light (Ltd)                    SS (reprint)
Invincible Chi (FP)                     SS (reprint)
Iron and Silk (Ltd)                     YotD (reprint), 10kB (reprint)
Jack Donovan (Ltd)                      CWOS (reprint)
Jade Valley (YotD)                      10kB (reprint)
Jagged Cliffs (Ltd)                     YotD (reprint)
Jane Q. Public (FP)                     YotD (reprint)
Jason X (NW)                            DF (PAP)
Jessica Ng (S&SG)                       Promo (PAP)
Johann Bonengel (Ltd)                   DF (reprint), S&SG (PAP)
Johnny Badhair (FP)                     DF (reprint)
Johnny Tso (Ltd)                        10kB (reprint)
Jueding Shelun (Ltd)                    CWOS (reprint)
Just a Rat (FP)                         DF (reprint)
Just Another Consumer (FP)              TW (reprint), 10kB (reprint)
Kan Li (Ltd)                            10kB (reprint)
Kar Fai (Ltd)                           TW (reprint)
Kar Fai's Crib (FP)                     10kB (errata v2)
Katie Kincaid (SS)                      Promo (reprint with alternate art)
Kiii-YAAAH! (NW)                        SS (reprint)
Killing Ground (FP)                     DF (reprint)
Killing Rain (Ltd)                      7M (reprint)
King of the Fire Pagoda (NW)            N2 (PAP)
King of the Thunder Pagoda (Ltd)        N2 (PAP)
Kinoshita House (Ltd)                   YotD (errata v2), 10kB (reprint of errata v2), Promo (reprint with alternate art)
Kun Kan (Ltd)                           YotD (reprint)
Kung Fu Student (FP)                    YotD (reprint), 10kB (reprint)
Kunlun Clan Assault (7M)                Promo (reprint)
Larcenous Mist (Ltd)                    SS (errata v2)
Lateral Reincarnation (Promo)           S&SG (reprint)
Li Mao (7M)                             Promo (PAP)
Liquidators (Ltd)                       10kB (reprint)
Little Jim (FP)                         YotD (reprint)
Lodge Politics (FP)                     SS (reprint)
Lord Shi (NW)                           10kB (PAP)
Mad Dog McCroun (Ltd)                   CWOS (reprint)
Mark of Fire (NW)                       N2 (reprint), 10kB (reprint)
Mars Colonist (Promo)                   CS (reprint)
Maverick Cop (Ltd)                      YotD (reprint)
MegaTank (FP)                           DF (reprint)
Memory Reprocessing (FP)                DF (reprint)
Midnight Whisperer (Ltd)                N2 (reprint)
Might of the Elephant (Ltd)             SS (reprint)
Military Commandant (Ltd)               N2 (reprint), Promo (reprint with alternate art)
Mole Network (Ltd)                      YotD (errata v2), 10kB (reprint of errata v2)
Monkey House (NW)                       N2 (reprint)
Monkeywrenching (FP)                    7M (reprint)
Mr. X (Ltd)                             SS (reprint)
Napalm Addict (TW)                      10kB (reprint)
Napalm Sunrise (FP)                     BCL (reprint)
Necromantic Conspiracy (NW)             2FT (errata v2)
Nerve Gas (Ltd)                         YotD (reprint), 10kB (reprint)
Netherflitter (7M)                      S&SG (errata v2)
Netherworld Return (NW)                 N2 (reprint)
Netherworld Vet (NW)                    YotD (reprint)
Neutron Bomb (Ltd)                      YotD (reprint), 10kB (reprint)
Night Market (FP)                       10kB (reprint)
Nine Cuts (Ltd)                         Promo (PAP)
Nine Dragon Temple (YotD)               10kB (reprint)
Nirmal Yadav (Ltd)                      CWOS (reprint)
"Now You've Made Us Mad" (Ltd)          10kB (reprint)
Nuked (FP)                              DF (reprint)
Once and Future Champion (Promo)        N2 (reprint)
Open a Can of Whupass (Promo)           Promo (reprint)
Operation Killdeer (Ltd)                YotD (reprint), 10kB (reprint)
Orange Senshi Chamber (NW)              N2 (reprint)
Orbital Laser Strike (Ltd)              DF (reprint)
Paper Trail (Ltd)                       YotD (reprint)
Paradox Garden (10kB)                   RW (reprint)
Payback Time (TW)                       10kB (reprint)
Peacock Summit (FP)                     RW (reprint)
Perpetual Motion Machine (NW)           YotD (reprint)
Phillipe Benoit (Ltd)                   10kB (reprint)
Plasma Trooper (FP)                     YotD (reprint)
Pocket Demon (NW)                       YotD (errata v2), TW (reprint of errata v2), 10kB (reprint of errata v2)
Police Station (Ltd)                    RW (errata v2)
Portal Jockey (FP)                      N2 (reprint)
Positive Chi (Ltd)                      SS (errata v2)
Primus (Promo)                          DF (reprint)
Probability Manipulator (Ltd)           2FT (errata v2)
Prototype X (Ltd)                       YotD (reprint with alternate art)
Proving Ground (Ltd)                    N2 (reprint)
PubOrd Officer (Ltd)                    YotD (reprint)
Pump-Action Shotgun (FP)                YotD (errata v2), 10kB (reprint of errata v2)
Purist Aspirant (DF)                    10kB (reprint)
Purist Sorcerer (FP)                    N2 (reprint)
Quan Lo (Ltd)                           SS (reprint)
Quantum Sorcery (DF)                    10kB (reprint)
Queen of the Darkness Pagoda (NW)       N2 (reprint)
Queen of the Ice Pagoda (Ltd)           N2 (PAP), Promo (reprint)
Rachel McShane (SS)                     10kB (reprint)
Realpolitik (Ltd)                       SS (reprint), 10kB (reprint)
Red Monk (FP)                           YotD (errata v2)
Redeemed Gunman (FP)                    YotD (reprint), 10kB (reprint)
RedGlare Chapel (NW)                    RW (reprint)
Reinvigoration Process (Ltd)            SS (errata v2)
Resistance Squad (NW)                   TW (reprint), 10kB (reprint)
Reverend RedGlare (NW)                  RW (reprint)
Rhys Engel (FP)                         DF (PAP)
Righteous Fist (FP)                     YotD (reprint)
Rigorous Discipline (Ltd)               YotD (errata v2)
Ring of Gates (NW)                      N2 (reprint)
Robot Arm (Ltd)                         YotD (reprint with alternate art)
Robust Feng Shui (Ltd)                  SS (reprint)
Rust Garden (NW)                        10kB (reprint)
Sacred Heart Hospital (Ltd)             YotD (reprint), Promo (reprint with alternate art)
Sam Mallory (FP)                        YotD (reprint)
Satellite Intelligence (FP)             YotD (reprint)
Scrappy Kid (FP)                        RW (reprint)
Scroll of Incantation (Ltd)             N2 (reprint)
Scrounging (TW)                         10kB (reprint), Promo (reprint with alternate art)
Secret Headquarters (Ltd)               YotD (reprint with alternate art)
Secret Laboratory (Ltd)                 DF (reprint)
Security (Ltd)                          10kB (reprint)
Sergeant Blightman (NW)                 DF (errata v2)
Shadowfist (Ltd)                        YotD (reprint)
Shadowy Mentor (10kB)                   CS (errata v2)
Shan Tsu (FP)                           YotD (reprint)
Shaolin Sanctuary (Ltd)                 YotD (reprint), 10kB (reprint)
Shaolin Surprise (FP)                   SS (errata v2)
Shattering Fire (Ltd)                   YotD (reprint), TW (reprint)
Shield of Pure Soul (NW)                YotD (reprint), 10kB (reprint)
Shih Ho Kuai (Ltd)                      10kB (reprint)
Shinobu Yashida (NW)                    SS (reprint)
Silver Band (Ltd)                       Promo (reprint with alternate art)
Silver Jet (FP)                         Promo (PAP), RW (reprint of PAP)
Sinister Priest (Ltd)                   YotD (reprint), 10kB (reprint)
Slo Mo Vengeance (FP)                   RW (reprint)
Smart Missile (FP)                      DF (reprint)
Spawn of the New Flesh (FP)             DF (reprint)
Spin Doctoring (RW)                     RW [2nd printing] (errata v2)
Spirit Pole (FP)                        N2 (reprint)
Sports Car (Ltd)                        10kB (PAP)
State of Emergency (Ltd)                2FT (reprint)
Sting of the Scorpion (Ltd)             YotD (PAP), Promo (reprint with alternate art)
Stone Garden (Ltd)                      YotD (reprint), 10kB (reprint)
Student of the Bear (Ltd)               YotD (reprint), 10kB (reprint)
Student of the Shark (FP)               YotD (reprint)
Suicide Mission (Ltd)                   YotD (reprint), 10kB (reprint)
Sun Chen (Ltd)                          CWOS (reprint)
Supercomputer (FP)                      N2 (reprint)
Surprise, Surprise (NW)                 YotD (reprint)
Swat Team (Ltd)                         10kB (PAP)
Swiss Banker (Ltd)                      N2 (reprint)
Sword of the Master (Promo)             Promo (reprint)
Swordsman (Ltd)                         SS (reprint)
Tank Warfare (FP)                       10kB (reprint)
Test Subjects (Ltd)                     YotD (reprint), 10kB (reprint)
The Displaced (NW)                      N2 (reprint)
The Eastern King (Promo)                SS (reprint)
The Fox Outfoxed (NW)                   SS (reprint)
The Golden Gunman (NW)                  N2 (reprint)
The Hungry (Ltd)                        YotD (errata v2)
The Iron Monkey (YotD)                  10kB (reprint)
The Pledged (Ltd)                       YotD (reprint)
The Prof (NW)                           N2 (reprint)
The Reconstructed (Ltd)                 10kB (reprint)
The Underground (FP)                    2FT (reprint)
The Unspoken Name (Ltd)                 SS (reprint), CS (PAP)
Thing with a 1000 Tongues (Ltd)         YotD (reprint), DF (PAP)
Thunder Champion (FP)                   N2 (reprint)
Thunder Knights (Ltd)                   N2 (PAP)
Thunder on Thunder (Ltd)                N2 (reprint)
Thunder Pagoda (NW)                     N2 (PAP)
Thunder Squire (NW)                     N2 (reprint)
Thunder Sword (NW)                      10kB (reprint)
Ting Ting (NW)                          YotD (reprint with alternate art), 10kB (reprint with alternate art), Promo (reprint)
Tom Donovan (Promo)                     2FT (reprint)
Tortured Memories (Ltd)                 YotD (reprint), 10kB (reprint)
Trade Center (Ltd)                      RW (reprint)
Tranquil Persuader (Ltd)                7M (reprint)
Tricia Kwok (YotD)                      10kB (reprint)
Turtle Beach (Ltd)                      YotD (reprint), 10kB (reprint)
Turtle Island (FP)                      10kB (reprint)
Vassals of the Lotus (Ltd)              YotD (reprint), 10kB (reprint)
Violet Meditation (NW)                  YotD (errata v2), TW (reprint of errata v2)
Virtuous Hood (FP)                      10kB (reprint)
Vivisector (Ltd)                        YotD (errata v2), 10kB (reprint of errata v2)
Void Sorcerer (DF)                      10kB (reprint)
Walking Corpses (Ltd)                   YotD (reprint), 10kB (reprint)
Wall of a Thousand Eyes (NW)            7M (reprint)
Wandering Monk (FP)                     7M (reprint)
Web of the Spider (Ltd)                 SS (PAP)
Whirlpool of Blood (NW)                 TW (reprint with alternate art)
White Disciple (Ltd)                    YotD (reprint), 10kB (reprint)
White Ninja (Ltd)                       FP (PAP), Promo (reprint of PAP), Promo (reprint of PAP)
White Senshi Chamber (NW)               N2 (errata v2)
Who's the Monkey Now? (TW)              10kB (reprint)
Wind on the Mountain (Ltd)              N2 (reprint)
Wing of the Crane (FP)                  7M (errata v2)
Wong Fei Hong (Ltd)                     YotD (PAP)
Xiaoyang Yun (FP)                       RW (reprint)
Yakuza Enforcer (FP)                    RW (reprint)
Yellow Senshi Chamber (NW)              N2 (reprint with alternate art)
Zheng Yi Quan (Ltd)                     SS (PAP), CS (PAP)

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