Shadowfist Throne War Card List

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[posted 16 Feb 2003]

This list includes only the basics — basic rarity (ex., no C/C2 distinction), card title, type, and faction. If you want a list with more details, download the master checklist or the database back on the main cardlist page, or if you want to know more about this set, check out the Throne War set page.

 Rarity Title                            Type            Faction
   R    Andrea Van de Graaf              Character       Architects
   U    Apes of Wrath                    Character       Jammers
   R    Ba-BOOM!                         Character       Jammers
   U    Bandit Chief                     Character       -
   U    Bandit Hideout                   Site            -
   C    Black Flag Rebels                Character       Hand
   U    Blade of Darkness                Character       Monarchs
   U    Blue Monk                        Character       Hand
   U    Cave of a Thousand Banners       Feng Shui Site  Hand
   C    Competitive Intelligence         Event           Ascended
   U    Darkness Adept                   Character       Monarchs
   C    Darkness Priestess               Character       Monarchs
   R    Demon Emperor                    Character       Lotus
   U    Desolate Ridge                   Feng Shui Site  -
   U    Die!!!                           Event           Lotus
   C    Discerning Fire                  Event           -
   R    Dr. Celeste Carter               Character       Architects
   R    Dr. John Haynes                  Character       Dragons
   C    Eagle Mountain                   Feng Shui Site  -
   C    Earth Poisoner                   Character       Lotus
   U    Eater of Fortune                 Character       Lotus
   C    Elite Guards                     Character       Lotus
   U    Evil Twin                        Character       Lotus
   C    Farseeing Rice Grains            Event           -
   C    Festival of Giants               Event           Hand
   C    Final Sacrifice                  Event           Dragons
   C    Flying Sleeves                   Event           Lotus
   C    Flying Sword Stance              State           -
   U    For China!                       Edge            Hand
   R    Gao Zhang                        Character       Lotus
   C    Grizzly Pass                     Feng Shui Site  -
   R    Hall of Brilliance               Feng Shui Site  Lotus
   C    Hsiung-nu Mercenaries            Character       -
   R    Imperial Palace                  Site            Lotus
   C    Inauspicious Return              Event           Lotus
   U    Infernal Pact                    Event           Lotus
   R    Jui Szu                          Character       -
   C    Just Another Consumer            Character       Jammers
   R    Kar Fai                          Character       Dragons
   R    Leung Mui                        Character       Hand
   R    Mad Monk                         Character       Lotus
   C    Möbius Gardens                   Feng Shui Site  -
   U    Napalm Addict                    Character       Jammers
   U    Obsidian Eye                     Edge            Monarchs
   R    Oliver Chen                      Character       Ascended
   C    Palace Guards                    Character       Lotus
   U    Payback Time                     Edge            Jammers
   C    Peasant Uprising                 Event           Hand
   C    Petroglyphs                      Feng Shui Site  -
   C    Pocket Demon                     Event           -
   C    Puzzle Garden                    Feng Shui Site  -
   U    Rebel Camp                       Site            -
   C    Resistance Squad                 Character       Jammers
   C    Righteous Protector              Character       Hand
   C    Scrounging                       Event           Jammers
   R    Seven Evils                      Character       Lotus
   C    Shattering Fire                  Event           -
   R    Shi Zi Hui                       Character       Lotus
   U    Sinister Accusations             State           Lotus
   C    Smiling Heaven Lake              Feng Shui Site  -
   U    Sword of the Dragon King         State           -
   U    Temple of the Angry Spirits      Feng Shui Site  -
   U    The Blue Cardinal's Guards       Character       Ascended
   U    The Dragon Throne                Site            Lotus
   R    The Emperor                      Character       Lotus
   R    The Monkey Who Would Be King     Character       Jammers
   U    Time Bandits                     Character       Ascended
   R    Titanium Johnson                 Character       Jammers
   R    True Son of Heaven               Character       Hand
   U    Twin Thunder Kick                State           -
   U    Two Hundred Knives of Pain       Character       Lotus
   C    Ulterior Motives                 Event           Ascended
   U    Underworld Tracker               Character       Lotus
   C    Violet Meditation                Event           -
   U    Wandering Teacher                Character       Hand
   U    Weird Science                    Event           Jammers
   C    Whirlpool of Blood               Feng Shui Site  -
   U    Who Wants Some?                  Event           Dragons
   U    Who's the Monkey Now?            Event           Jammers
   R    Xin Kai Sheng                    Character       Lotus

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