Shadowfist Easter Eggs

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[posted 15 Nov 2004; updated 22 Feb 2010]

Paul Gerardi has been doing box and wrapper production for Z-Man and Shadowfist Games since Year of the Dragon. He likes to throw hidden phrases in obscure places to see who's paying attention. I've collected the ones I have found here through and including Empire of Evil (if it's not listed here, I didn't find anything). If you spotted more, please email me.

Display box phrases

Netherworld 2, outside bottom:
There's nothing to see here...
These aren't the droids you're looking for...
You can go about your business...
Move along

Shaolin Showdown, outside bottom:
"Please don't kill us
We're just the Aquabats
We're just trying to have a little fun
So if you want to fight
We can duke it out
Just please don't kill me with your gun"
The Aquabat March from
The Return of the Aquabats
(if you don't have it, GET IT!!!)

10,000 Bullets, outside bottom:
Okay, okay, so there's not really 10,000 bullets on the box. There's only 1746. 1751 if you count the word bullet. Make that 1752. I know. I counted them. Twice. Now I need glasses.

Red Wedding, outside bottom (there really is no closing quote mark, for those paying attention):
"Pssst, make sure you
keep Huan Ken away
from the booze!
You know how mean
he gets when he's
been drinking!

Seven Masters, outside bottom, snaking around the edge of the advertisement:
Coming soon: Snow White and the Seven Masters Starring: Happy - The Laughing Master, Dopey - Master of Stone Head Technique, Doc - Master of the Healing Touch, Sleepy - Master of Tripping Log Style, Bashful - The Hidden Master, Grumpy - Master of the Defiant Stance, Sneezy - Master of the Flying Mucous Strike, And Jerry Mathers as the Beaver...c'mon, you didn't think I'd just put an ad down here, did you. That was just a dodge.

Two-Fisted Tales, outside bottom:
The '30s! No air conditioning or penicillin,
rampant poverty and homelessness,
polio, the world on the brink of a global
war. Ahhh, it was a magical time.

Empire of Evil, outside bottom: (clothes really is misspelled)
Maybe Xin Ji Yang wouldn't be so evil if
she just changed her surroundings a bit.
You know, put up some nice curtains,
give those dog-boys a bath, a haircut and some nice cloths,
maybe take a week at the beach para-sailing...
It would do wonders for her attitude.


Booster wrapper / Starter deck box phrases

Year of the Dragon, inside on the cardboard support:
Don't you have anything better to do than looking inside a box. Fnord.

Shaolin Showdown, on the outside under the sealing flap:
"You're starting to feel sleepy... sleepy... sleepy... You WANT more Shadowfist... You NEED more Shadowfist... GO BUY more Shadowfist"

Seven Masters, on the outside under the sealing flap:
There used to be an 8th Master but they felt they no longer needed a "Master of the Very Tasty Dumpling"

Two-Fisted Tales, on the outside under the sealing flap:
"Did I just see a MONKEY driving a Packard?" "No, he was driving a Dusenberg."

Red Wedding (2006 reprint), on the outside under the sealing flap:
"I can't help it. I always cry at weddings. Especially when there's a bullet in my leg!"

Critical Shift, on the outside under the sealing flap:
This is where the shift hits the fan... We're really in deep shift now... Holy Shift... I got a million of 'em! Good Night everybody, try the veal and don't forget to tip your waiter!


Display box artwork

Paul adds a Shadowfist logo (Ting Ting over fist) on all the display box covers. Generally these are prominently placed and easy to spot, but the Red Wedding box cover may give you some trouble. Look closely at the pommel of the dagger. On the Empire of Evil cover, it's on one of the banners, way in the "back" of the crowd.


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