Burned-For-Victory Placeholder Cards

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[posted 5 Feb 2003; updated 24 Oct 2003]

What do you use to keep track of burned-for-victory cards? The official rule of course is that your opponent keeps your card in his or her burned-for-victory pile, but I've rarely seen that followed. Usually people use counters or tokens of some kind, and the original owner puts the card in their toasted pile, just so you don't forget to get it back at the end of the game.

Jan Malina, The Man 2002 (winner of the GenCon multiplayer and dueling championships in 2002), has a different suggestion for you. His play group uses pasted-up Burned-For-Victory placeholder cards. He sent me three samples to share with you, so share with you I shall. The "nuked" card includes arrows so you can point it at the opponent it belongs to, so you remember for effects like Gorilla Fighter. Z-Man liked the placeholder idea, and made a promo card to do the same thing in August 2003.

The "thumbnails" below are sized to be 2.5 by 3.5 inches at 72 dots per inch. That will print a bit jaggy; if you want better resolution then download the PDF version (200 dpi, 2 of each card on one sheet). [297 kb, 26 Sep 2003]

Fire burned for victory placeholder from Jan Malina Lightning burned for victory placeholder from Jan Malina Nuke burned for victory placeholder from Jan Malina


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