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[posted 23 Dec 2003; updated 16 Jan 2011]

This is an alphabetical list of all the designators in the game spewed out by a VBA routine in the SMACK! database. Each designator includes a count (the number of cards it appears on) and a list of the cards it appears on. Title and subtitle are shown so you can check that the routine is actually working :) Please let me know if you spot anything parsed incorrectly, or just plain missing.

The files are current through Empire of Evil.

The list is download-only because when I tried to make an HTML table, it was over 400k! Versions are proliferating as folks think about how they'd like to use the list. Thanks to everyone for comments; if you would like a different format, please ask and I'll try to accomodate.

These files are all based on the same data (the date in the file name tells you when I processed the list), just the formatting or filtering is different. The "big font" versions are at an easily readable size, set in a single column. Be warned, they are very long if you want to print them. The "small font" versions are 7 pt text set in two columns per page so the same data takes up a lot fewer pages, but you might need a magnifying glass to read it :) All lists are current through Critical Shift.

Thanks to Julian Lighton for his suggestions and error spotting in June 2005. The previous list didn't pick up the new designators on play-as-printed versions of cards (like Battlechimp Potemkin). It does as of July 2005.

Download the big font designator list [16 Jan 2011, PDF, 140 pages, 283 kB]
Download the big font designator list that includes only designators appearing on 3 or more cards [16 Jan 2011, PDF, 89 pages, 168 kB]

Download the tiny font designator list [16 Jan 2011, PDF, 41 pages, 556 kB]

Two other lists that may interest you if you like the Comrades in Arms (CiA) tournament format. I sorted the list and pulled out only those designators that appear on 5 or more cards, in theory giving you a shot at the 23-card minimum needed for a CiA deck. These lists are in text format, and open in a new window.

List of designators that appear on at least 5 cards: alphabetical sort | numerical sort [16 Jan 2011]

I'm working on improving this parser, plus allowing it to recognize cards that key on particular designators and putting that info in another column to make theme deckbuilding easier. Don't wait for me though :)

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