Shadowfist Magazine Appearances: Duelist #9

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[posted 29 Dec 2006]

portions copyright 1996 by Wizards of the Coast. These items originally appeared in The Duelist Magazine #9 (vol.3, issue 1). All rights reserved. Reprint here is without permission but not intended to infringe on copyright - I was not able to find any contact info for the Duelist since they have ceased publication. If you know how to contact them, please tell me! Special thanks to Leigh Martin for tracking down this issue.

Shadowfist content in Duelist #9

Interview with Robin D. Laws, p.22



Eventually I'd like to have the text here in HTML, but I'll have to find the author first, and then type it in. Neither of which is going to happen very fast, so for now the thumbnails below will have to do.

  Article as it appeared in Duelist.


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