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[posted 12 Apr 2003; updated 3 Nov 2006]

A collection of stuff that may or may not help you to organize and run a Shadowfist tournament. Please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions for improvement, or if you'd like a tool that doesn't appear here.

Hi-Res color tournament flyer - advertise in style. Download, type in your info, and print!

Excel Tournament Report form - a replica of the official tournament report form, except it includes formulas to calculate GPs and running totals for you.

Downloadable Tournament Flyer

Downloadable, fillable Shadowfist tournament advertising flyerThis is an experimental version of a fillable flyer form made with Adobe Acrobat. It's a bit rough at the moment, but might be useful for you. There are four areas that you can edit - the large text in the middle, the two lines of text just above the card images, and the two blocks of text to the right of the card images. The blurb at the bottom is not editable, although it could certainly use some editing too :)

You can open and manipulate this with Acrobat Reader, available free from Adobe. You don't need the expensive full version of Acrobat! With the older Readers (v3, v4) there is no way to save your changes, sorry. Reader v5 can "save a copy as..." but that doesn't appear to save the edits you make. Not sure what Reader v6 or v7 can do.

Download the Shadowfist tournament flyer, PDF, 1 page, 308 kb [3 Nov 2006]

If you click the link, the file will open in a new window. You should be able to edit the text there, then print. If you prefer to work off-line, right-click the link instead, then select "Save Target As..." or "Save Link Target As..." or "Save Link As..." (depending on your browser).

If you need a special flyer for your event and this one won't do, I am willing to make a custom flyer for you if I have time. Describe what you want (if you want card art on it, it's easiest if you choose something by an artist I already have permission from, otherwise it'll take extra time to get permission), and try to give me as much time to work on it as possible (meaning that months is better than weeks, and weeks is better than days). No promises, but I'll give it a shot.

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Excel Tournament Report Form

Shadowfist Tournament Report form in Excel formatThis is an Excel version of the official Shadowfist tournament report form. Fill in the Silver Band info, store info, and tournament style info on the first sheet as usual. For everything else, use the "data entry" sheet. The form will then compute GPs and keep running totals for you.

You need Excel 97 or newer to use this file (I think it will work in some earlier versions too, but I haven't tested it. I suspect some of the formatting may not function properly).

Download the Shadowfist tournament report form, zip, 197kb [15 Mar 2004]

I will eventually revise this with some protection settings so you can't type where you shouldn't, but for now I'll leave it wide open so you can mess with it if you need to. If you try this out, please email me your comments/questions/suggestions.

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