Shadowfist Tournament Report: ChimaeraCon 2008

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[posted 3 Aug 2008]

ChimaeraCon 2008 [] was held in San Antonio, Texas on Mar.14-16, 2008. The local playgroup ran demos and the first Texas State Championships. The winner was announced by Daniel Griego in the Shadowfist Forum on Yahoogroups on 17 Mar 2008:

Texas State Championship (multiplayer, constructed): Robert Griego

One report for you:

ChimaeraCon 2008 report by Daniel Griego, originally posted to the Shadowfist Forum on Yahoogroups.

Originally posted to the Shadowfist Forum on Yahoogroups on 17 Mar 2008 by Daniel Griego. Republished with permission. If you're a member, read the original in the archives.

ChimaeraCon 2008

The first Texas State Shadowfist Championship was a huge success, with a respectable 10 players showing up to throw down!

Of the 10 players there, four of them were new players, competing in their very first Shadowfist tournament!

Let's here it for the newbies with the fortitude to face the best that central Texas has to offer:
David Poplawski
Jessica Dye
Michael Gaines
Pablo Vazquez

Special props go out to David Poplawski; David learned the game that morning and went on to win third place in the tournament!

First place honors in the Championship went to Robert Griego and his ridiculously successful Toughness deck. Peter "Red" Trudell came in second with a painful Jammer deck making obscene use of Cyborg Mermaids. David's third place deck was provided by me and was a Pledged deck full of the basics with remarkable results. Congratulations to all winners!

In total, ChimaeraCon walked away with five new players, including these who did not compete in the tournament:
Marc Simmons
Cameron (last name unknown)

Jessica Dye had previously played the game but never competed in a tourney before yesterday.
All new players also joined the SWS, with the exception of Cameron, who I mysteriously was not able to pin down long enough to get his information.

Other noteworthy players included Jay Miller and Will Dobie, who tragically left our ranks ages ago but made it out for the convention to play with the old crew again.

Hopefully the San Antonio team will see many of these new recruits each Tuesday night from now on!

Many thanks to all players who made it out to the convention and made it a great weekend for Shadowfist!

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