Shadowfist Pictorial: ConQuest 2001

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[posted 5 Sep 2005; updated 28 Oct 2005]

ConQuest 2001 Pictorial - photos from Joe Ganis

Thanks to Mike Nickoloff who discovered these photos on an old backup disk in 2005. I have no idea what happened at this con, so the photos are numbered in the order they came in and I had only the titles to go on -- I don't know if that will make sense or not. If you can help out with descriptions and names, please email me!

Click on any image to see a larger version in a new window.

Shadowfist at ConQuest 2001
3 Shadowy Mentors. A little excessive for any other faction, perhaps, but not for the Ascended...
Shadowfist at ConQuest 2001
So excessive, in fact, there had to be two photos of it.
Shadowfist at ConQuest 2001
Bernie Huang, smiling.

Bernie Huang and a Can of Whupass.

The consolation table.

Evil Twin of Draco, no less.

Shadowfist on display at ConQuest 2001.

Fong Sai Yuk shows of his Flying Kick.

Four Burning Fists, Sinisterly Accused of being an assassin.

Four Burning Fists and his friend, Underworld Tracker.

Joe's tonque. What more need be said?

John Castellucci, the winner.

John Castellucci, the happy winner.

John Castellucci lays the smack down.

John Castellucci and the other side of his prize.

John's army of weenies.

John's winning hand.

John's mix of Architect and Lotus weenies.

Max Hufnagel (left) and John Castellucci.

Concentration at the final table.

Mad Dog is hurt, but not out yet.

Max Hufnagel contemplates his next action. Should it be lunch?

Inauspicious Return, on the way down to the table.

It's a Mad Dog smak attack.

Mad Dog smak attack in progress.

Quong ? tries to stop the bid for the win.

Randal Gee! tries Farseeing Rice Grains.

Rich ? wins a Can O' Whupass.

Robert K. ? looking at cards.

Sarge Blightman has a new gig, working for the Bad Colonel.

Winning deck.


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