Shadowfist Tournament Report: DragonCon 2000

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[posted 27 May 2003]

These photos were posted to the Shadowfist website in 2000, but removed when the site was redesigned in 2001. Here they are for posterity.

DragonCon 2000 was the first public event where Z-Man showed off new stuff coming in Year of the Dragon and Throne War. Some of the art had come in early, so large scale paste-ups were on display. Zev and Paul Gerardi ran demos and tournaments, but I don't have any details. If you do, please send them in.

DragonCon 2000. Paul Ruiz and Paul Gerardi in the booth.

Paul Ruiz (left) and Paul Gerardi at the booth. The large format card paste-ups are on the table.

DragonCon 2000. Paul Gerardi at work in the booth.

Paul Gerardi pleads for food from passersby. He's been trapped in the booth for days...

DragonCon 2000. Display boxes for Year of the Dragon and Throne War.

Empty boxes for Year of the Dragon and Throne War. These are really teasers :)

DragonCon 2000. Shadowfist demo table.

The demo table in action. "How shall I crush thee / Let me count the ways."

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