Shadowfist Tournament Report: DragonCon 1996

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[posted 18 May 2007]

Daedalus ran some events at DragonCon 1996 (part of the "triumvirate" of Cons: Origins, GenCon, DragonCon), but that's all I've heard.

If you were at DragonCon 1996 and have any memory of it, please let me know. I'd like to put together a list of events and the winners' names, if possible. Thanks! Here's what I have so far:

Recollections from Richard Hollingsworth

In April 2007, Richard Hollingsworth sent in his recollections of DragonCon 1996. Thanks Richard!

The six of us, players from the Book and Game Emporium from Fort Walton Beach Florida, showed up and talked to Zev before jumping into some fast and furious card playing. Jerry the owner and his son, Carl Archer, myself and two others. There were two locals from Atlanta who played in the tourneys and about 4 who wished they had brought their cards. The constructed dueling game quickly weeded out the locals and came down to my Wizards of Speed Ascended variant and Carl with his CHAR Broiled deck (CHAR, Neutron Bomb, Charmed Life). We both stalled at the beginning with my first resource being a 1 fighting Might of the Elephant that allowed me to play my Mole Networks and Covert Ops. The Might died off quickly, but with a fresh hand, things started to roll a lot quicker. I managed to win by pumping out characters a lot quicker vs. his DNA mages and Friends of the Dragons, not a CHAR to be seen.

Multiplayer went quickly. 1st round was over before I realized it and we were onto the final round. Across from me was Carl with his jank Dragon/Jammer deck, catty corner was a Dragon Hitter deck and to my right was Jerry’s son with an Architect Abomination speed/denial deck and myself with Twisted Shadow, my Lotus deck with all the nastiness I could put in. I stalled with an Inner Sanctum and an Alchemist Lair for two magic resources for several turns. Carl was making the game interesting with his jank while the Dragons and the Architects battled for control. I slowly built up my resources after getting I Ching into play to allow me to resort my top 3 cards. The final round came when the Dragons made a major push and the Architects cleared the board with a Neutron Bomb. Zheng Yi Quan dropped on the board as a defender and the Architects were unable to capitalize with characters. I pulled 3 Curtains of Fullness and a Tortured Memories. The Dragon player had no cards (no Golden Comeback), so I hit the Architect with 2 Curtains and hit the Jammer with 1. Out of his 4 cards, I left the Resistance Squad in his hand by luck. It came down to taking Zheng and with two Whirlpools of Blood to win. I did get the original ink drawing of the Gnarled Marauder, but I can’t remember for which match.

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