Shadowfist Tournament Report: Dragonmeet 2009

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[posted 26 Feb 2010]

The UK's first Empire of Evil draft tournament was held at Dragonmeet 2009 [] on 28 Nov 2009 in London. The results were posted by Andy Holt in the Shadowfist-UK Forum on Yahoogroups on 30 Nov 2009. (reposted with permission - anyone can read the original in the archive).

Congratulations to Daniel Vandenburg!

11 brave souls came forward for the first UK draft of Empire of Evil, held at the Dragonmeet convention/shopping opportunity. (I hear that the only trader there who had Shadowfist singles did a very goodtrade).

I had hoped for 12 so we could have only 3-player games, but Ted wimped^Wcouldn't be persuaded to join in.

In traditional Finchley style the draft was done round one large table.
The sequence was 4 boosters of EoE then (non-drafted) 4 of standard then 1 booster each of
7 Masters
Dark Future
Throne War

then an opportunity at the draft pods and some very mediocre FSS (one of each of the Standard Edition VC FSSs)

My strategy had mixed results, I had planned to draft Architects and FSS (and fingertip razors). I did get 4 Combat Engineers (probably 80% of those available) and the same number of the Razors, but few of the bigger Architects. Happenstance got me a lot of the bigger Purists (including 4 Uncertainty Spirits, Yea!) and some Origami Handguns ... but only 1 foundation (thank heaven for the pods)

OK, on to the first round

Table 1 had
Richard Waring
Tom Hooker (who had drafted most of the rest of the Purists)
Andrew Davidson

Table 2
Ivan Hartley
Matt Sancster
Alex Turvey
Ron Wheelhouse

Table 3
Alex Laney
Daniel Vandenburg
Mark Wheelhouse

After 1hr no games had ended; as we approached the 75 minute mark I was thinking that I would have to call the zebra team together to agree a time extension, but then Alex won on table 3 and we did a time-out evaluation on the other two Ivan was clear leader on table 2; on table 1 Richard and I were both on 3 in play + 1 BFV.

Seconds Out - Round Two

Daniel beat Ivan + Alex T
Ron beat Andrew, Richard, + Alex L
the third table was a time-out evaluated to a three-way draw with me as the only loser. [my Neutron Bomb stopped an apparently unstoppable winning attack as the timer went off]

This gave us 4 clear single winners, 2 clear double losers, and 5 with 1/3 or 1/2 a win.

So the final was Daniel versus Ivan, Ron, and Alex L;
the "Don't be the Gimp" game: Andrew, Alex T, and Tom;
and "we tried": myself, Matt, Mark, and Richard.

Alex T won the bottom game, leaving Andrew as the Gimp
Matt's Infernal Army ("Under the Knife") had some very Tortured Memories (3 played on it over 2 turns) but ended-up as decisive.
and as previously reported Daniel's return to Shadowfist after 3 years out in the cold was also a return to his winning ways.

Thanks to the Dragonmeet Organisers for providing a good place to play; to the town hall staff for NOT being jobsworths; to Braz and to Daniel Griego for prize support; to Andrew for providing some of the draft materials; and to Ron for providing the draft pods.

[writeup by Andy Holt]

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