Shadowfist Pictorial: GenCon 2003

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[posted 4 August 2003]

GenCon 2003 Pictorial, photos and commentary by Bryant Durrell

Originally posted to Bryant's website 27 July 2003. Republished with permission. Comments from the original posting. Click on any image to see a larger version in a new window.

A Little Shadowfist

quarter-scale Shadowfist cards made by Paul Gerardi
Note the quarter, included in this picture for scale. Paul Gerardi is mad.

Draft Prep

Preparing for the draft
Julian likes stacks of cards. I was hyper. Photo ensued.

More Draft Prep

Julian's arm
In fact, two photos ensued. But who's Julian?

Julian Lighton

Julian Lighton at GenCon 2003
This is Julian, ruling czar of the Shadowfist world.

My Winning Attack

Bryant's draft game in progress
This is me dominating a completely meaningless draft game. I cleverly controlled the game in order to get 14 tie-breaker points, despite being mathematically eliminated from the finals. My Shadowfist play sucked this weekend.



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