Shadowfist Pictorial: GenCon 2007

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[posted 8 Jan 2008; updated 11 Jan 2008]

GenCon 2007 Pictorial, photos from Willow Palecek.

Click on any image to see a larger version in a new window.

Willow demos for two friends, Clyde L Roher (left) and Tim Jensen (right)

Pre-draft Shadowfist action. Julian Lighton (standing) looks on as Allen Hege (black shirt, left) and Paul Girardi (black shirt, right) throw down before the draft.

The Z of Z-Man Games. Ironically, he wore the same shirt in the single photo he appears in the GenCon 2006 pictorial.

Board snapshot of Julian's hitters during one of the preliminary games in the World Championships. He lost this game, despite the fearsome array of cardboard at his disposal.

Board snapshot during the final game of the World Championships. Julian's hand is about to lay down some smack.

Another board snapshot during the final game. The lonely card to the right is Willow's Cellular Reinvigoration that got Delayed Inevitably.

Board snapshot during the winning attack of the final game of the World Champsionships.

The four finalists in the World Championships, from left: Joshua Kronengold, Willow Palecek, John Merrill, and Julian Lighton.

Willow gets a photo op and a hug worthy of the Hegemeister from none other than Robin Laws.


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