Shadowfist Pictorial: GenCon 2008

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[posted 20 Aug 2008; 22 Aug 2008]

GenCon 2008 photos from Braz King.

Click on any image to see a larger version in a new window. Posted with permission, thanks Braz! Also thanks to Tim Linden for filling in some of the blanks!

Shadowfist at GenCon 2008
Jeff "Cavebear" / "Lucky Flounder" Stroud is ready to get down to business. Tim Linden (left) wonders if that makes him Long Axe or Short Axe.
Shadowfist at GenCon 2008
Andrew Davidson (left) faces Cavebear and Daniel Griego who is apparently the subject of Contract of the Fox.
Shadowfist at GenCon 2008
Andrew shows that he has apparently limitless tolerance for pain - calmly drinking while inflicting the Shocking Duel on his unsuspecting opponents.
Shadowfist at GenCon 2008
Jeremy Dale tries the Shocking Duel, but eventually loses to Master Davidson.
Shadowfist at GenCon 2008
Shocking Duel in action. Tim Linden summed it up: Shocking Duel is a 'sado-masochistic game of pain endurance' or so I recall. Basically the sticks are conductors, and it zaps you multiple times, ramping up over time to about 8 levels or so. First to let go loses. Andrew Davidson, Shadowfist's Mad Scientist brought that and defeated all comers, save Ben Barnett who tied Andrew on the final level. Both are apparently nerve-endingless. Daniel Griego was the most entertaining opponent, as he flailed about with exclamations of pain and how silly he was to do this in the first place…
Shadowfist at GenCon 2008
Peter 'Red' Trudell, kicker of butts, Texas style.


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