Shadowfist Tournament Report: GenCon 1996

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[posted 4 Jun 2003; updated 18 May 2007]

I couldn't find a tournament report for GenCon 1996. I couldn't even find an announcement of the winners, other than one on Andrew's site (Zev Shlasinger won the Australian Rules tournament). In theory, since I attended this convention, I should recall that stuff, but I ended up not playing in any of the Shadowfist tournaments for various reasons. I did see that Daedalus gave away some pretty cool stuff to the winners, whoever they may have been :)

The release of Flashpoint and the White Ninja give-away were the high points for me. The printer hadn't quite finished yet, so Jose had only a few boxes on display and a larger number of loose packs available. The happy sound of card packs being ripped open filled the booth, at least until people started to realize that they weren't getting many of the rare cards listed on the checklist. Then the sound of irate customers filled the booth :) On Saturday morning (I think), they gave away one White Ninja per customer, while supplies lasted, which wasn't long. After that they gave away one random Flashpoint rare.

If you were at GenCon 1996 and have any memory of it, please let me know. I'd like to put together a list of the winners' names, at least. Thanks! Here's what I have so far:

Recollections from Richard Hollingsworth

In March 2007, Richard Hollingsworth sent in his recollections of GenCon 1996. Thanks Richard!

All I remember from Gencon 96 was taking 2nd place in the Gunslinger tourney with a variant of the Wizards of Speed Ascended deck + Might of the Elephants. I donít know who won first place, but it was a Dragon/Lotus deck and Locksley Station killed me. The prize was an Ascended medallion, very nice.

Multiplayer, I barely got out of the 1st round with my Lotus deck after stalling against a stalled Monkey King/Walker of the Purple Twilight deck (King, no Walkers) and a typical CHAR Architect deck (not a Vivisector deck). Faired better during the 2nd round against a Monarch deck and an Ascended deck especially after taking control of the Fire Assassin powered by my Lotus resources, the Ascended player Mentored the Assassin and I Shifting Loyalties all the Pledged. My deck had 2 of each of the type-specific cards (Shifting Loyalties, Banish, Chains of Bone, Flood on the Mountain, Sung Hi, Wu Ta-His, Xui Xie Jiang). Hitters were Tanbi Guiawu, Evil Twins and Tortured Memories, I think I took 3rd overall, but not sure.

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