Shadowfist Tournament Report: GenCon 1999

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[posted 4 Jun 2003; updated 31 Oct 2003]

Apparently we were all slackers in 1999; I couldn't find a posted report. So here's a much-delayed summary of what I can remember; feel free to chime in with your own recollections and I'll add them.

Andrew Davidson took the lead in organizing and submitting the Shadowfist events for GenCon 1999. There were three events that I recall, there might have been one more:
- Sealed deck, won by ?
- Final Brawl (constructed multiplayer), won by Mike Nickoloff
- Who's the Big Man Now? (constructed dueling), won by Yuit Sum Vong

The winner of the Final Brawl was Mike Nickoloff, using a Peacock (primarily Hand and Ascended with a strong dose of Tech) deck based around Shadowy Mentor, Shaolin Surprise and Positive Chi. I don't have a list, but the precursor of the deck is here. I was playing in this tournament so I wasn't paying much attention to the other games, but turn out was pretty good.

A surprisingly large number of people showed for the dueling event, probably because (a) it wasn't Sunday morning and (b) there was some buzz about the planned resuscitation of Shadowfist. I judged this event since Andrew wanted to play his Kung Fu Student deck, and he was also playing in the Doomtown championship held simultaneously in the same large room. Andrew spent the afternoon alternating between Doomtown and Shadowfist, and was undefeated in both as we neared the final round. He would quickly pummel his Shadowfist opponent, then go back to play the next round of Doomtown. When it came time for the Shadowfist final, the timing didn't work out, and Andrew had to choose—he opted to continue playing Doomtown and drop out of Shadowfist. The two remaining undefeated players, Yuit Sum Vong and Brian Fay [decklist], sat down to play for keeps. Yuit's Ascended deck shut down Brian's Dragons for the win. In another interesting twist, Joshua Kronengold had arrived late, and asked to participate anyway. We counted the first round as a loss for him, but he proceeded to defeat all his opponents in the rest of the tournament. After the official final, he and Yuit sat down to see what might have been, had he been present for the entire tournament. Yuit beat him too :)

Z-Man also held Throne War / Year of the Dragon playtesting sessions in the evenings, which drew a reasonable crowd and produced some good suggestions.

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