Shadowfist Tournament Report: GenCon Oz (Australia) 2009

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[posted 8 Feb 2010]

Brad Daniels organized several Shadowfist tournaments at GenCon Oz in Brisbane, Australia, September 18-20, 2009. The winners were announced by Leonard King in the Shadowfist Forum on Yahoogroups on 27 Sep 2009 (read the original in the archive if you're a member). The Who Wants Some? tournament was played using constructed decks rather than the usual sealed decks.

Final Brawl (multiplayer, constructed):

Mark Carpenter

Who Wants Some? (constructed, dueling):

Mark Carpenter

Read on for Leonard's report.

GenCon Oz 2009 report from Leonard King

Originally published in the Shadowfist Forum on Yahoogroups on 27 Sep 2009. Republished with permission. Members can read the original in the archive.

Shadowfist has gone from strength to strength at GenCon Oz this year.

After a decent turn out at last year's event, this year saw more participants for tournaments and casual play.

Thursday saw the early birds at the game tables getting in some casual play to have a laugh and tweak decks for the weekend ahead. Free boosters were given out to get the mood happening, and a demo game was run for newcomers.

Friday saw the commencement of hostilities, with the "Who Wants Some?" tournament kicking off in the morning and running across the weekend. Run as a constructed duelling event, the tournament saw 12 participants throwing down the challenge whenever the opportunity presented itself.

Saturday, surrounded by those damn Magic and L5R players, included non-stop "Who Wants Some?", some old friends dropping through for some casual games, and an impromptu demo.

Sunday afternoon saw the Con wind up with the Queensland Championship "Final Brawl" constructed 3 player tournament. With 13 participants, and a couple of late arrivals, the organisers did a great job of keeping things running to everyone's satisfaction. The final was an incredibly close affair, with every attempt to break free reigned in by the other participants. When the organiser called time on the game, only two points separated first from third.

In the end, even with two official events, there could only be one winner.

Mark Carpenter, after picking up the game six weeks before last year's GenCon Oz (and coming in third and fourth respectively), showed an awesome display of deck construction and game play to go almost entirely undefeated across both events to take the "Who Wants Some?" and "Final Brawl" crowns.

Here's the details.

Who Wants Some?
Constructed duelling
1st: Mark Carpenter - Ascended
2nd: Leonard King - Guiding Hand/Monarch
3rd: Dave Carpenter - Dragons

Final Brawl
Constructed 3 player multi
1st: Mark Carpenter - Monarch (Fire/"Secret")
2nd: Dave Carpenter - Purist/Architects
3rd: Leonard King - Dragons/Jammer (Senoritas/Tommy Guns)

Thanks must go to Ben, Penny, Mark and the two Daves (the Sydney crew) for coming up and making the weekend that much better, including renewing some old, and long thought buried, grudges with some of the older players.

But extra special thanks must go to Brad Daniels, a tireless supporter of Shadowfist who organised the events once again, despite being completely buried in work and personal events in the lead up. Not having been able to organise official prizes in time, he organised and paid for trophies and prizes from his own pocket and card collection. I'm sure I speak for all the participants when I say how much we appreciate everything he does for the game here in Brisbane.

Thanks everyone who came. Already looking forward to next year's interstate hostilities, with rejigged Empire of Evil decks.

[writeup by Leonard King]

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