Shadowfist Tournament Report: GenCon UK 2000

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[posted 11 Sep 2003; updated 12 Sep 2003]

It's hard to recreate these things long after the fact :) Here's what I've reconstructed:

Final Brawl (multiplayer, constructed): ?
Whirlpool of Blood #1 (sealed):

Nick Dodds

Whirlpool of Blood #2 (sealed):

Michael Rogers

Who Wants Some? (sealed, convention-long):

Jonathan Challis

Two reports for you from GenCon UK 2000. Special thanks to Andy Holt and Jonathan Challis for their permission to repost these reports.

GenCon UK 2000 Whirlpool of Blood tournaments by Andy Holt, originally posted to the Shadowfist-uk group on Yahoogroups on 8 Sep 2000. The group is open to the public, so you can read the original in the archive.

GenCon UK 2000 Who Wants Some? tournament by Jonathan Challis, originally posted to the Shadowfist-uk group on Yahoogroups on 8 Sep 2000. The group is open to the public, so you can read the original in the archive.

GenCon UK 2000 Whirlpool of Blood Tournament Results by Andy Holt

Originally posted to Shadowfist-uk group on Yahoogroups 8 Sep 2000 by Andy Holt. Republished with permission.

There were 4 Shadowfist tournaments at UK Gencon 2000

Whirlpool of Blood (1st Sept)
Who Wants Some (1st-3rd)
Final Brawl (3rd)

Ad Hoc, in response to demand
another Whirlpool (2nd)

I ran the two Whirlpools (results here), Jon Challis ran the Who Wants Some, Andrew Davidson the Final Brawl (I
expect you will get the results from them)

1st Whirlpool of Blood - 24 competitors

Winner: Nick Dodds
other finalists (who were the players who had won three games in the three preliminary rounds or won two within time limit): Jon Challis, John Davis, Andrew Davidson, Daniel V

Winners of "consolation games":
Felicity Challis, Michael Rogers, Yuit
[I have no record of a 4th consolation game, but there should have been enough players for it]

((more details at end))

2nd Whirlpool of Blood - 11 competitors (limited by available starters - and competing with a Doomtown storyline tournament)

Winner: Michael Rogers
other finalists (again, the players who won 2 or 3 games in the three preliminary rounds)
Ron Wheelhouse, Tony Adams, Pickles

Winners of consolation games:
Arthur Howlin, Andrew Trickett

Competitors and score records for the tournaments (score = 3 for win within time limit, 2 for win by tie-break. By popular demand tie breaks were taken to multiple levels rather than having any sharing of wins) ? indicates I am
not confident of my reading of the handwriting.

Steven Cleeg 0
Tim Sharrock 0
Ron Wheelhouse 3
Mark Wheelhouse 0
Jonathan Challis 8
Felicity Challis 0+3
Beth Mullis (?) 0
Dave Martin 0
Michael Rogers 3+3
Robert Lee 2
Sy Hughes 0
Mark Denny 0
David Hammond (?) 3
Nick Dodds 6+3
John Davis 8
David McClenaghan 0
Daniel Crook 5
Fred Jowett 0
Andrew Davidson 6
Yuit 5+3
Gavin ??? 0
"AT" (Andrew Trickett?) 4
Andy Holt 5 (there were enough alternate judges that I could also compete)
Daniel V 6 (I think the surname is Vandenburg, but I'm not sure)

Jonathan Challis 0+0+0/0
Felicity Challis 2+0+0/0
Mark Wheelhouse 0+0+0/0
Michael Rogers 3+3+3/3
Ron Wheelhouse 0+3+2/0
Arthur Howlin 0+0+0/3
Ivan 0+0+0/0
Tony Adams 3+3+0/0
Andrew Trickett 0+0+0/3
Andy Holt 0+0+3/0
Pickles 3+3+2/0

Methods used for tournaments

First round - deck made from a standard edition starter after each of first three rounds each table drafted from 3 boosters (1 each of Netherworld, Flashpoint, Throne Wars) - all the cards placed face up on table at start of drafting, each player in turn picking one card starting with the game winner continuing until all cards drafted.
Winner of game retained his/her seat, player to left moved one* table clockwise, player to right moved one* anticlockwise.
* after first round, after second s/one/two/
After three round the highest scoring 3, 4, or 5 players to play in final - the rest distributed to consolation games amongst players of approximately equal score.

Tie breakers used
a) nearest victory
b) total FS + 2 x BFV - 2 x (effects that add to required number of FS)
c) total value of non-FS cards in play [should also have added in power]
d) number of cards left before deck exhausted [haven't needed to use this]

(2) [this was limited by the cards available - would not normally be the choice of boosters]
Draught, all sitting round large table. Each players opens a standard starter, keeps all the Commons and Very
Commons. The remaining 10 cards (2 rare, 8 uncommon) are treated as a booster - take one, pass the rest to the right (repeat take one, pass right until no more cards).

When the passing of these had finished, each player opened a Netherworld booster - take one pass rest left etc.
Then another Netherworld to right, a standard to left, a standard to right.

Everyone had option of one can of whupass - which could be opened and played at any time requiring three of any single faction, not necessarily Dragon ... only a few managed to play one.

Similar movement system to previous tournament, except that from the two player table both players moved (treating the winner as being "to the left of the winner", the loser as "to the right of the loser); also the left-hand loser moved one table clockwise, the right-hand loser moved two tables anticlockwise ((in retrospect, this movement pattern would have been better for the larger tournament, there was no ideal pattern for this smaller one))

Again, after three rounds total the scores, highest few (obviously 4 in this case) to final, rest to consolation games.

Note that both tournaments effectively used an "anti-swiss" matching system for the early rounds - we find this works much better than swiss for multi-player.



[writeup by Andy Holt]

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GenCon UK 2000 Who Wants Some? tournament by Jonathan Challis

Originally posted to Shadowfist-uk group on Yahoogroups 8 Sep 2000 by Jonathan Challis. Republished with permission.

Well, I was kinda hoping that someone else might have posted the "Who Wants Some?" results, since embarrasingly I won it.....

The WWS tourney comprised of 26 entrants, and ran from midday on Friday until midday on Sunday, although I took in preliminary results from players at 10:00 on Sunday since most of them were participating in the Final Brawl that commenced then! Only the number of wins were counted, not win/loss ratio's, as was announced at the start.

I can even honestly say that I didn't devote *that* much time to it (not nearly as much as I'd hoped anyway!) since I was running product demo's and participating in rpg's etc...

Anyway, top-line results were as follows :

1st Place: Jonathan Challis (Me!) 14 Wins
2nd Place: Ron Wheelhouse & Felicity Challis tie 9 Wins
3rd Place: Ivan Hartley 8 Wins

Of particular note were Ivan's score, since he only arrived at Saturday lunchtime, and Felicity, who did well throughout GenCon considering that she is only 13 years old, and doesn't get to play that often.

After some back checking at the end, my win/loss ratio was about 75% (win), but I have no way of determining the other contestants.

One thing that I did note, was that those players who knew all the YotD decks intuitively (whether through previous playtesting, or frequent play since their release) did noticeably better than their opponents. Being able to count your opponents Killdeer's, or knowing that YotD Dra has a Cave Network, whilst YotD Arch doesn't provides a definite edge (as one would expect :).

The full details of the tournament, and all written records now reside with Z-Man games, but if enough of you smile nicely at Mike Nickoloff, they may end up on the website....


[writeup by Jonathan Challis]

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