Shadowfist Tournament Report: GenCon UK 2002

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[posted 2 Jun 2003; updated 11 Sep 2003]

Summary of the winners:

Who's the Big Man Now? (dueling, constructed)

John Davis [decklist]

Final Brawl (multiplayer, constructed): Dave Martin [decklist]
Comrades In Arms (multiplayer, constructed, theme):

Ron Wheelhouse

Two reports for you from GenCon UK 2002. Special thanks to Andy Holt and Ron Wheelhouse for their permission to repost these reports.

GenCon UK 2002 dueling tournament by Andy Holt, originally posted to the Shadowfist Forum on Yahoogroups on 7 Sep 2002. If you're a member, you can read the original in the archive.

GenCon UK 2002 multiplayer tournaments by Ron Wheelhouse, originally posted to the Shadowfist Forum on Yahoogroups on 12 Jan 2003. If you're a member, you can read the original in the archive.

GenCon UK 2002 Dueling Tournament Results by Andy Holt

Originally posted to Shadowfist Forum on Yahoogroups 7 Sep 2002 by Andy Holt. Republished with permission.

Games were played on a Double Elimination, near Swiss* basis. Timed-out games (of which there were only 2) were scored as draws.
* Swiss adjusted so that two players never play each other more than once unless they are the only two remaining.

11 players were there at start time, two extra arrived in time to play first round, two further missed the first round and were considered to have drawn in that. I joined-in to keep the numbers even. First round drawings were arranged so that the French players did not play each other and similarly for the Finchley players but were as random as those constraints permitted.

First Round Games:
John Davis bt Andy Holt
Julien Ginther bt Daniel Vandenburg
Julien Moisy bt Simon Johnston
Tony Adams bt Phillippe Butin
Anil Das-Gupta bt Paul Gabbitas
Callum Finlayson bt Mike Rogers
Dave Martin bt Steve Bailey
<Andrew Davidson & Yuit arrived too late to play this round>

Second Round:
John D drew with Callum
Anil bt Julien G
Julien M bt Dave Martin
Tony A bt Daniel V
Phillippe B bt Andy H
Steve B bt Paul G
Simon J bt Mike R
Yuit bt Andrew D

At this point the following players had lost 2: Andy H, Paul G, Daniel V, Mike R. The weakest links were eliminated.

Round 3:
Julien M bt Anil
Julien G bt Phillipe B
Tony A bt John D (John made a blunder - he should have had a win)
Yuit bt Callum
Simon J bt Steve B
Dave M bt Andrew D

4 more double losers (Phillippe, Anil*, Steve, and Andrew D) eliminated Callum withdrew (1.5 losses)
* Anil played in next round to keep numbers even

Round 4:
Julien M bt Tony A
Julien G bt Simon J
John D bt Anil
Yuit drew with Dave M (? record incomplete)

Goodbye to Simon J (and Anil, again!)

Scores now
Julien M 0 losses
Julien G 1 loss
Tony A 1 loss
Yuit 1 loss
John D 1.5 losses
Dave M 1.5 losses

Round 5: (I'm not sure I understand these pairings myself :-)
Julien M bt Julien G
John D bt Yuit
Tony A bt Dave M

As the other games finished much faster than John vs Yuit I asked Julien M and Tony if they would play "out of sequence" to save time

Round 5a)
Julien M bt Tony A

When these games were complete the scores were
Julien M 0 losses
John D 1.5 losses
no other survivors (but Tony was clearly in 3rd position)

So on to

Round 6)
John D bt Julien M

meaning that whoever won the next game would be "Last Man Standing"

Round 7)
John repeated an easy massacre to win

John had been playing a discard deck, Julien a fast Lotus deck ... listings follow:

John "Rain of Pain"

2 Temple of the Angry Spirits
1 Dragon Mountain
2 Turtle Beach
3 Maze of Stairs
2 Market Square
1 Kinoshita House
5 DNA Mage
5 BuroMil Grunt
5 Arcanowave Researcher
5 Arcanotechnician
5 Pocket Demion
5 Curtain of Fullness
2 Expendable Unit
5 Killing Rain
5 Nerve Gas
4 Imprison
2 Napalm Sunrise

Julien <deck unnamed>

4 Proving Ground
2 Whirlpool of Blood
5 Sinister Priest
1 Big Brother Tsien
5 Walking Corpses
4 Kun Kan
5 Pocket Demon
2 Shifting Loyalties
2 Hacker

Hope I haven't made too many more mistakes listing this


[writeup by Andy Holt]

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GenCon UK 2002 multiplayer tournaments by Ron Wheelhouse

Originally posted to Shadowfist Forum on Yahoogroups 12 Jan 2003 by Ron Wheelhouse. Republished with permission.

OK. This has been along time coming, but I have finally got my act together to report on the action at GenCon UK in August 2002. I hope this will be acceptable as a tournament report to Nightwolf too - I'm afraid I didn't get SWS numbers but I did get full names - Dan if you really need the SWS numbers mail the shadowfist-uk list and I'll get everyone to send you their number.

This report is only for the multiplayer constructed tournament (what I like to regard as the main event). Andy Holt ran the duelling event (which I believe he has already reported on) and the Comrades in Arms tournament on the Thursday only had five entrants so we played a five player game, winner takes all which (if memory serves) I won with my 250+ card Manchu Fishing Lodge deck (the only deck I had that met the designator requirement, despite my average deck being 100+ cards - it has about 28 Lodge cards). That was against Andy Holt (with a 'Big' deck, i.e. a 50ish card deck with the designator 'Big'), Rob Lee (I forget what his deck was), Mark Wheelhouse (with an 'Ice' deck) and someone else who I now forget (sorry).

Anyway we had 20 players for the constructed event. They were:

1) Anil Das-Gupta Hand 'usual suspects' called "The Green Machine"
2) Daniel Vandenberg (don't have a record of his deck - Dan, care to share?)
3) Andy Holt Monarchs (all types) State deck called "We're not Fanatical"
4) Tom Kassel Lotus hoods
5) Steve Bailey Architect drone/cyborg - he was the champ last year, so defending his crown
6) Rob Lee (sorry no record of this deck either - Rob can you recall?)
7) Dave Martin Ascended/Hand Mentor recycling deck called "Orange and Lemon Surprise"
8) Ian Koxvolo Hand (plus a few odds and ends) rebels
9) Tony Adams Architect/Lotus demons in tanks called "SMINT"
10) Robert Stovell Hand Senshi chamber
11) Andrew Trickett Ascended/Architect 'big hitters'
12) Dave Pratt (using a borrowed deck from Andy Holt - Andy do you remember what it was?)
13) Felicity Challis Dragon gutsy hitters called "No Guts, No Glory"
14) Jon Challis (big brother) Monarch Ice and swords
15) Julien Ginther (from France) Lotus/Ascended character seizing
16) Julien Moisey (ditto) Dragon/Architect bombs and hitters
17) Hedley Coppock Dragon brutality
18) Andy Davidson Dragon/Lotus (big hitters with copy and take) called "Equal Opportunity"
19) Mark Wheelhouse (my son) Jammer Apes of Wrath
20) Ron Wheelhouse (me) Ascended Manchu + Lodge + magic (250+ cards) called "Manchu Fishing Lodge"

I played (using the three-judge rule) to make it a multiple of 4 (and Zev almost ended up playing, but decided the lure of WWF, which he was demonstrating, should really win when an extra Frenchman turned up late - almost as late as No. 1 son Mark who had to register for college that morning!).

First round match-ups were random, so we had:
Anil Das-Gupta beat Andy Holt, Julien Ginther and Andy Davidson
Ron Wheelhouse beat Dan Vandenberg, Jon Challis and Julien Moisey (timed out by a third party)
Tom Kassel beat Rob Lee, Ian Koxvolo and Hedley Coppock
Steve Bailey beat Dave Pratt, Felicity Challis and Mark Wheelhouse
Dave Martin beat Tony Adams, Robert Stovell and Andrew Trickett

For the second round I had already decided on a predictable rotation scheme - winners stayed put and 2nd, 3rd and 4th place players moved 1, 2 and 3 tables clockwise (or was it counter-clockwise? - anyway). This guaranteed two things: nobody played the same people again; and winners did not play winners (I was using double elimination as a first method for reducing us to a final in 3-4 rounds). So the second round was:

Anil Das-Gupta beat Tony Adams, Jon Challis and Ian Koxvolo
Steve Bailey beat Dan Vandenberg, Robert Stovell and Julien Ginther (timed out after over 100 mins)
Ron Wheelhouse beat Tony Adams, Dave Pratt and Hedley Coppock
Andy Davidson beat Tom Kassel, Andrew Trickett and Mark Wheelhouse
Rob Lee beat Dave Martin, Felicity Challis and Julien Moisey (also timed out at the same point as above)

I had to call time on two games here because we were running low on time for the tournament (I had planned to allow at least 90 minutes per round, and both had gone to 100 and had time called at 105 minutes).

We now had 3 double winners (Anil, Steve Bailey and myself). And 4 single winners (Tom, Rob, Dave M, and Andy D). So the route to a final was obvious. The double winners were given 90 minutes to eat lunch (all except yours truly who was running the show) and we had a face-off qualifier from the single winners to decide who went to the show.

This game went the distance - it had run over 90 minutes when Dave Martin launched what turned out to be the winning attack. So the third round was:

Dave Martin beat Tom Kassel, Rob Lee and Andy Davidson

There were also some consolation games (with a promo as the prize) for the unqualified - sorry guys but I didn't keep track of those, and nor did you!

By now we were well exhausted (and had overrun our space booking - indeed the dealer's hall where we were playing was about to close), so we took a short break and reconvened in the open gaming area.

The final was a hard fought affair (I started trying to keep a record of the game, but it's very hard when you are playing, and the lack of a sensible recording scheme for 'Fist was hampering - suffice it to say that the only record is in individual player's memories). Each of us had at least one credible attempt at the win before Dave flooded the zone with Shadowy Mentors (from Shifting Tao and Shaolin Surprise), stole all the hitters on the table (for the second or third time) and this time managed to beat his way past the denial to seize the victory. Well done Dave! So the result was:

Dave Martin beat Anil Das-Gupta, Steve Bailey and Ron Wheelhouse.

Ah well - there's always next year.

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