Shadowfist Tournament Report: GenCon UK 2007

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[posted 9 Aug 2008]

GenCon UK 2007 was held Aug.30-Sep.2, 2007 in Reading. Andy Holt published the winner's list on the Shadowfist Forum on yahoogroups.

Friday Draft (multiplayer):

Tony Adams

Final Brawl Championship (multiplayer, constructed): Tony Adams [decklist]

Sunday Final Brawl (multiplayer, constructed):

Tony Adams

One report for you from GenCon UK 2007; thanks to Andy Holt for permission to republish.

GenCon UK 2007 report by Andy Holt, originally posted to the Shadowfist Forum on Yahoogroups on 3 Sep 2007. Members can read the original in the archive.

GenCon UK 2007 report by Andy Holt

Originally posted to the Shadowfist Forum on Yahoogroups on 3 Sep 2007 by Andy Holt. Republished with permission.

There was, apparently some friendly play on the Thursday evening - don't know who was involved.

Friday 6pm Draft.

We "borrowed" some table space from the L5R players at 5 to 6 it looked like I'd be the only participant :-(
John Davis then arrived followed by Tony Adams and Steve Whitford so we had 4 players

we drafted 1 standard starter, 2 each TW, N2, DF(new), and CS boosters.

I got off to an absolutely excellent start:
t1: discard 0; play Puzzle Garden, Dump Warrior, Payback Time
t2: again discard 0; Play Ice Healer, do two small attacks, use Ice Blessing for 2, play ToAS at which point my luck reverted to average ...
John then dominated the next part of the game - he had managed to draft the lion's share of the hitters from the boosters which rather made up for a somewhat below par starter.
However the game stagnated and, after about 4 hours play the game was abandoned, Tony was the nominal winner tho' any of the 4 of us could have won sometime in the next 6 (estimated) hours but we all wanted some sleep before a long Saturday.

Saturday 2pm Final Brawl

the L5R people needed all their space for a large tournament so this time we managed to share some of Upper Deck's space as they had far fewer players than they expected [they got reasonable numbers for Yu-Go-Oh, a few for Warcraft, and hardly anyone for anything else] Not that we did all that well for numbers: only 10

We played two rounds and a final

R1: Yuit Vong beat Colin Clarke & Dave Martin
Arthur Howlin bt Alex Laney, & John Davis
for the 3rd game time was called while Tony Adams was trying a winning attack this was shown to be stoppable but as he was ahead on tie-break conditions he still beat Alex Turvey, Andy Holt, & Dave Gazey.

R2: (keeping winners apart - "inverse swiss")
Dave G had dropped-out
Alex T bt Yuit & John
Dave M bt Andy & Arthur
Tony bt Alex L & Colin

This led to a 5-player final and a 3-player "consolation" game (John left)

Consolation: Colin bt Alex L & Andy

Final: (nearly 5 hours) Tony bt Yuit, Alex T, Dave M, & Arthur.
about 1/3 of the way through the game Tony had been beaten down to a single card in play ... and he still came back to win.

I don't have a deck listing but hopefully someone will get one from him. [decklist here]

Sunday 10am Final Brawl

4 players: John Davis, Tony A, Andy H, Arthur
Andrew and Yuit didn't arrive until too late to participate
Tony won after John had tried a winning attack with 3 "tooled-up" Master Swordsmen + Monsoon only for me to use a 3 cost Discerning fire on "Swordsman" ... I expected a Confucian, but it wasn't there to come.

Arthur & I left at about 1pm - Tony started a friendly with Andrew & Yuit.


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